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Anatomy Ch 8

What covers the trachea so that food doesnt go into the lungs when you swallow? Epiglottis
What is it called when fluids and solids come back up from the stomach to the mouth? Regurgitation
Imflammation of a pouch in the colon Diverticulitis
Medical term for gall stones Choleithiasis
What is a vericose vein in the rectum called? Hemorrhoids
Abbreviation for "nothing by mouth/ nothing per oral" NPO
What is the disease that destroys the cells of the liver? Cirrhosis
What is the term for a visual exam of the colon? Colonoscopy
What is the medical term for loss of appetite? Anorexia
Inguinal Hernia (grion) Protrusion of a loop of small intestines into the inguinal region through a week spot in the abdominal muscle wall
Abdominal Hernia A loop of intestines that protrudes through the diaphram (controlls inhilation)
Hiatal Hernia Protrusion of the stomach through the diaphram
Where is the appendix? End of the cecum of the large intestine
Where is bile produced? Liver
Where is bile stored? Gall Bladder
Medical term for removal of the gall bladder Cholecystectomy
Chol/e Bile/Gall
Cholelithiasis Inflammation of gall bladder
Diverticulitis Imflammation of the dyverticulam
Enter/o Small intestine
Gingivitis Imflammation of the gums
Or/o Mouth
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