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Mod H Unit 2


Part _____ of Medicare helps pay for physician and outpatient charges B
The Medicaid program is administered by the CMS
There are ______ parts to the Medicare Program 4
Individuals who receive medical assistance because their income falls within the poverty or FPL guidelines or as a result of SSI eligibility are considered Categorically Needy
The act that provides for a federal system of old age, survivors, disability, and hospital insurance is the FICA
When a Medicaid beneficiary has no other health care coverage, the type of claim to be submitted is called a Medicaid Simple Claim
A federal insurance program, established in 1966, for people 65 years old and older and certain other qualifying individuals is Medicare
The act that established quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure safety, accuracy, reliability, and timeliness is CLIA
Part _____ of Medicare helps pay for prescription drugs D
Medicare payments can be automatically deposited into a provider’s designated bank account using Electronic Funds Transfers
The duration of time during which a Medicare beneficiary is eligible for Part A benefits for inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility charges is called Benefit Period
There are _______ levels to the Medicare appeals process 5
Medicare Part D began in 2006
Beneficiaries who are not satisfied with the amount of a claim reimbursement may file a Appeal
Insurance coverage that is typically primary to Medicare includes Group, Workers Comp, Automobil liability
The legal obligation of other insurance policies/programs to pay all or part of the expenditures for patients eligible for Medicaid is called Third Party Liability
The acronym for the federal-state cash assistance program for poor families, typically headed by a single parent is TANF
The time limit for filing Medicaid claims Varies by state
Under what federal act was the Medicaid program established Social Security
One common method for verifying Medicaid eligibility is to use a Automated voice response
In 1972, federal law established the supplemental security income (SSI) program, which provides assistance to qualified age/disabled poor
What qualifies under federally approved optional services for which federal funding is available diagnostic services
Under federal statutes, which of the following groups is eligible in all states for assistance through the Medicaid program categorically needy
In January of 1999, the Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997 went into effect expanding the role of private plans to include managed care organization
Is Medicaid always the payer of last resort YES
Section 2 of Volume 2 of the ICD-9-CM Manual consists of TABLE OF DRUGS/CHEMICALS
The definition of a diagnosis is presence of illness/determination of care
Nonessential modifiers are terms in parentheses following main terms
Morbidity is the presence of illness or disease, whereas mortality is deaths that occure from disease
What modifies main terms describing different sites, the cause or origin of disease, and different clinical types essential modifiers
The part of the ICD-9 manual that serves as a basic foundation for diagnostic coding and aids in assigning diagnostic codes correctly introductory pages
An eponym is disease, procedure,or syndrom, named after who discovered it
What would the instructions below indicate to the health insurance professional?_______________________________________ 330 rebral degenerations usually manifest in childhood,Use additional code to identify, Associated mental retardation additional codes should be used
Codes representing external causes of injury and poisoning are referred to as E codes
The main term for acute depressive reaction reaction
Transforming verbal descriptions of a diagnosis into numbers or a combination of alphanumeric characters is referred to as coding
The Supplementary Classification of External Causes of Injury and Poisoning are referred to as E codes
Most ICD-9-CM manuals use a specific type of coding in Volume 1 to alert the coder to special edits and important issues, which is called color coding
Terms such as aftercare, examination, and problem with are indicators that what type of code is needed V code
There are three types of codes in Volume 1 of ICD-9-CM. What are they 5 digit manifestation codes
The typeface used for main terms in the Alphabetic Index (Volume 2) and all codes and titles in a tabular list is Boldface
The external causes of adverse effects resulting from ingestion or exposure to drugs or other chemical substances can be found in the table of drugs and chemicals
The determination of the nature of a cause of disease,” is a definition for diagnosis
The Alphabetic Index to Diseases contains two tables, which are conditions/ diseases
The “CM” in ICD-9-CM stands for clinical modification
The updated volume of the ICD-9-CM is published annually
Physicians and outpatient clinics use the _______________ diagnosis, while the ______________ diagnosis is used by hospitals and institutional facilities primary/principle
When more than one otherwise individually classified disease is combined with another disease and one code is assigned for both, a _____________ code is assigned combination
When an individual who is not sick visits the medical facility for a specific purpose, such as receiving a vaccination, which codes are used V code
If a patient's condition has not been specifically diagnosed, the health insurance professional must code the signs & symptoms
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