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Mod F unit 3


A normal and healthy infant should, at the end of 1 year, have ________________________ its weight and grown 10–12 inches in length triple
The circumference of the infant’s and child’s head should be measured until the child is 3 years old
A child has a weight that falls in the 25th percentile on the weight chart. This means that in a sample of 100 children, 24 other children weigh___________________than that patient less
The length of an infant is measured when the infant is in what positions supine
The infant is able to clearly distinguish between its parents and strangers at about what age 8 months
Oral temperatures in children over the age of 5
The first round of pediatric immunizations is usually completed by the time the child is__________________ years old 1.5
Taking an aural temperature measures the temperature of the tympanic membrane
Newborns who continue to exhibit jaundice after discharge from the hospital may need to be tested for BUN
The fastest method that can be used to determine a child’s body temperature aural
The average blood pressure for a 10-year-old child is 110/60
At age 2, the child’s pulse rate should be in the range of 70-110
The apical pulse is located where left of the sternum at the 5th intercostal space
Most vaccines are a suspension of microorganisms that stimulate the production of antibodies
Malnutrition, poor growth, hygiene, and gross dental disorders are all signs neglect
Another name for varicella chickenpox
children, abuse involves physical, emotional, and sexual injury
The injection site of choice for infants and young children vastus lateralis
What is a lateral curvature of the thoracic and sacral regions of the spine scoliosis
Two injections which are usually administered subcutaneously are MMR and Varicella
The chart that is usually used to test a child’s eyesight is snellen
The Denver II Test is used to measure development
Documenting immunizations in the medical record, the ______________ and ______________ should be recorded in addition to the usual information, which includes date, site of injection, side effects, and who administered the immunization. lot and exp. date
The United States government uses the term “geriatric” to refer to people who are 65
An elderly person may have to learn how to move in order to avoid dizziness due to a condition known as vertigo
What age group is the fasted growing group in the US elderly
The most common musculoskeletal disorder found in the elderly osteoporosis
The most common changes that are seen in the elderly degenerative
In cold weather, what problem has a higher incidence in the elderly than in the rest of the population hypothermia
Decrease in peripheral vision changes more in the elderly
The elderly patient who is being over medicated so that he or she will not be a bother or complain is said to be suffering from neglect
With aging, what decreases in size and has less ability to filter waste byproducts kidneys
Patients with sensory dementia often become angry, frustrated
Eighty percent of men over the age of 60 years have prostate hypertrophy
The degree of dementia in a patient is proportional to the loss of substance in the ______________________lobes of the brain frontal
A decrease in the ability to control emotions is one of the first signs dementia
Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and respiratory conditions can cause the elderly to have a decreased mobility
There is a noticeable decrease in memory and reaction time beginning at age 70
When working with a patient known to be hearing impaired what is the best way to speak to them face them
Decreased ability to hear low-frequency tones begins at age 60
The best way to prevent elder abuse is early intervention
Low mental functioning is known as senile
A lack of sensation due to reduced nerve function neuropathy
Memory loss, difficulty completing task are signs of Alzheimer's
Hepatitis B HepB
Diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis DTaP
Haemophilus influenza b Hib
Inactive polio vaccine IPV
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine PCV-7
Rotavirus RV
Measles, mumps, rebella MMR
Hepatitis A HepA
Meningococcal MMPSV4
Human Papilloma virus HPV
Influenza TIV
anti against
endo within
exo outside
hyp/o under, below, low
oxy rapid
poly many, excessive
pro infront of
in in, into
one mono
aden/o adrenal/ gland
calc/o calcium
crin secrete
gen/o origin
gonad/o gonad
vas/o vessel
thyr/o thyroid
neur/o nerve
lact/o milk
thalam/o thalamus
phys/o to grow
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