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Mod E Unit 3


C&S culture and sensitivity
Hb_ hemoglobin
Hgb hemoglobin
Ig immonoglobulin
PT prothrombin time
PTT partial thromboplastin time
Rh rhesus
RBC red blood cell
WBC white blood cell
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
ABO blood group
NK natural killer
Diff differential
@ at
HSV herpes simplex virus
HBV hepatitis B virus
K potassium
hem/o blood
erythr/o red
eosin/o rosy, acidic
leuk/o white
bi/o life, living
ectomy removal
adenoid/o adenoid
lymphaden/o lymph gland
homo same
auto self
o/logy study
trans across
fusion pouring
ous pertaining to
cyst/o bladder
thym/o thymus
bas/o base
ana again
immun/o protection
phag eat
thromb/o clot
granul/o granules
What is the same as hypersensitivity allergy
The liquid portion of blood plasma
A disease of the lymph nodes or vessels that may be localized or generalized is lymphadenopathy
Another term for platelets is thrombocytes
Resection of the spleen is splenectomy
The process of blood clotting is coagulation
A deficiency of clotting cells is thrombocytopenia
Stopping bleeding is called hemostasis
A slight or moderate increase in the number of white blood cells is leuocytosis
Cells that attract an alkaline dye, combat parasites, and release histamines and heparin are basophil
A deficiency of all blood cells is pancytopenia
A substance that produces an immune reaction by its nature of being perceived as foreign to the body is a antigen
A substance in blood that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide is hemoglobin
Being vaccinated produces what type of immunity artificial
Which type of immunity produces antibodies specific
Pernicious anemia is a deficiency of B12
Apheresis is both a term and a suffix that both mean removal
The medication given to prevent erythroblastosis fetalis in Rh-positive babies born to Rh-negative mother’s is Rhogam
The term dyscrasia refers to a blood disease
An antigen on the red blood cell surface RH factor
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in tissues edema
Blood poisoning septicemia
The most numerous of the blood cell types is RBC's
The “universal donor” is type ___________ blood, and the “universal recipient” blood type is O, AB
A reticulocyte is a immature red blood cell
Phagocytosis is digesting foreign material
What blood cell increases due to an infection in the body white
Transmitted by an infected mosquito malaria
Stops bleeding by forming a clot platelets
Overproduction of red blood cells polycythemia
Viral infection of the lymphatic tissue mononucleosis
Decreased clotting capabilities of blood thrombocytopenia
A deficient volume of circulating blood hypobolemia
leuk/o white
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