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A10 Test Cell Run

How many carts are installed in the test cell adapter fire bottle? 2
Test cell engine runs do not require FOD walks prior to engine start. False
Except for in an emergency, the engine should be allowed to cool at idle for ___ minutes before shutting down 5
How many engine covers must be removed prior to operating the engine? 3
The VG schedule limits at idle are ____ +/- 1.5 degree
During VG angle adjustment, one complete turn of the turn buckle will adjust VG angle 1.6 degrees. How much will one flat adjust? .26 degree
While performing PLA Checks, ensure ____ No personnel are near the fuel control lever
The fire protection assembly is stored in what area? Munitions Storage
During a water wash, methanol is added to the water mixture when the temperature is below ____ 40 degrees F
When the engine is operating at max, fuel flow should now exceed ____ pph. 4,100
What technical order outlined engine operating procedures on the test stand? 2JA18-2-2-1
After performing a hot engine preservation, what must the operator ensure before placing the throttle to mid range? NG reaches 0 percent
The emergency stop switch will be used to shut down the engine only when ___? Injury to personnel will result and all other means fail
If VG tracking exceeds -4.0 degree, what could the effect be on the engine? First stage compressor blades can overstress
The test cell adapter may be towed below 5 MPH with the cowl doors in the open position if no wind is present. False
What technical order outlines the test cell? 33D4-6-212-51
Idle RPM can be adjusted ____ When then engine is shut down
The test cell adapter fire suppression system is used for ___ Extinguishing an external fire
When adjusting engine trim using the T5 remote trim adjusting cable, you should ____ Support the trim adjusting cable by hand.
During the engine start sequence, light-off should occur within ___ seconds after placing the ignition switch to on. 20
Higher than normal oil pressure may occur over a period of ___ minutes as long as pressure is decreasing towards normal value. 6
The idle trim limits are _____ +1.0 percent
Oil samples will be taken within ___ minutes after engine shut-down 30
Test electrical wires may be secured to the engine using ____ Disposable straps
A stray voltage check must be accomplished prior to connecting the fire bottle leads to ____ Prevent the cartridges from firing inadvertently.
Engine start operations during cold conditions may be more difficult because of the viscosity of the fuel can be high True
Under cold conditions, howl long should it take for the oil pressure to start decreasing towards normal operating PSI? 2 1/2 minutes
With the inner shrould doors removed and the outer cowls opened, the maximum core percent RPM the engine can be operated at is ____ percent. 70
A slow start may occur at the first start of the day and may exceed ____ 60 seconds
What is used to secure the rail pins in the down position on the 3000/4000 trailers? Safety wire
During an engine start during cold conditions, the oil pressure could reach ___ PSI 100
How many personnel are required to perform an engine test cell run? 3
While servicing the engine oil tank, slowly pour oil into the right side of the oil fill tube because ___ It is the opposite of the scupper drain
How many personnel are required to transfer an engine from the transportation trailer to the test adapter? 3
Due to the increased possibility of a fire during shut-down, what must be accomplished? The air supply unit must be operating with the bleed air switch to off
Which of the following must be accomplished if the engine fails to light-off the test cell? Air motor for two starter cycles to purge fuel from the engine
After shut down, an engine can be air motored once core speed is below 24 percent False
During idle adjustment, the idle speed is altered ___ percent for each click on the fuel control 0.2
Which of the following conditions is an indication of an internal engine fire? ITT rising rapidly toward 540 degree C
When adjusting max power using the T5 remote trim adjusting cable, turing the adjusting knob counterclockwise will ___ temp (ITT) Increse
The fuel boost pump must continue to operate until ___ percent core RPM to provide positive fuel pressure 0
The danger area in front of the inlet is ___ 25 feet
The maximum transient engine vibrations limit is ___ mils 10
Three calibrated TEMS vibration transducers must be installed and the corresponding calibration tags must be included in the work package. Ture
A wet motor is accomplished ___ By setting the engine throttle to idle with ignition switch off
Before installing an engine into the test adapter, ensure the thrust mount is located on the left side of the engine, aft looking forwar False
The engine usually has six vibrations transducers installed. Which position has the lowest steady state limit of 2.0 mils? Fan stator casing bottom radial
Who must be notified prior to engine start and upon completion of an engine run? Maintenance Operation Center
When may the air turbine starter (ATS) limits be exceeded? When motoring the engine to extinguish an internal fire
During an VG schedule or idle check, extreme caution must be used when approaching ___ core RPM. 70
What is the maximum start time for an engine that had been operating on the test cell within the past 30 minutes 45 seconds
During the test cell engine start sequence, the operator should release the ATS and ignition switches at ___ core RPM 56 percent
With the engine operating at idle, fuel flow should be below ___ pph 600
The danger area behind the exhaust is ___ 160 feet
What must be completed after every JOAP sample? DD Form 2026
When installing the test adapter inlet assembly, the engine inlet ring should be compressed at least ___ 3/8 to 1/2 inch
The maximum steady state engine vibrations is ___ mils 7
When the engine is operating on the test cell, the fire guard will be positioned in the ____ Test cell cab
The maximum engine operating time at 860 degree C is ____ 5 minutes
All ground personnel must be briefed by the operator prior to engine run on safety procedures and the correct course of action to use during an embergency True
An Indication that the bleed air valve has failed during engine operation could be ___ An increase in air pressure on the air start gauge
When adjusting maximum power fan speed, six clicks using the T5 remote trim cable alters ITT by 6 degree C or ___ percent NF RPM 1/2
What must be accomplished every time the engine is operated prior to the completion of the transient break-in? 2-minute air motor
During the engine break-in runs, the engine NG acceleration or decelerations rates shall not exceed 1,000 RPM
The slave filter must be installed for test rung when what item is replaced Accessory gearbox
The ___ must be inspected for serviceability prior to stalling the main fuel hose. O-ring
After motoring or operating a engine, what should the fire guard do? Listen for unusual rubbing or scrapping noises from the engine.
Maximum ITT during engine start on the test cell is ___ 860 degree C
An engine must be air motored after each shut down prior to the transient break-in runs being accomplished True
The air turbine starter duty cycle is 2 minutes on, 5 minutes off
What is the maximum ITT for an engine with a new HPT? 830 degree C
Normal engine oil pressure during engine operations is ___ 39-90 PSI
What should you do if the ATS curs out below 45 percent core RPM during the start cycle? Stopcock the throttle
A hot start is defined as During a start attempt, engine temperature rises to 860 degree/865 degree C prior to engine reaching idle speed
The test adapter fire protection assembly is stored at Munitions Storage True
Created by: airpower326
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