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A Phobia list

Achlophobia Fear of Crowds
Acrophobia Fear of Heights
Aerophobia Fear of High Objects
Agoraphobia Fear of Open Spaces
Ailurophobia Fear of Cats
Algophobia Fear of Pain
Androphobia Fear of Men
Anthrophobia Fear of People
Apiphobia Fear of Bees
Aquaphobia Fear of Water
Arachnephobia Fear of Spiders
Astraphobia Fear of Storms
Aviophobia Fear of Flying
Baccilophobia Fear of Microbes
Bacteriophobia Fear of Germs
Ballistophobia Fear of Bullets
Bathophobia Fear of Depth
Belonephobia Fear of Pins and Needles
Brontophobia Fear of Thunder
Claustrophobia Fear of Enclosed Spaces
Cynophobia Fear of Dogs
Decidophobia Fear of Making Decisions
Demonophobia Fear of Demons
Domatophobia Fear of Being Confined in a House
Entomophobia Fear of Insects
Equinophobia Fear of Horses
Ergophobia Fear of Work
Gephydrophobia Fear of Crossing Bridges
Gynephobia Fear of Women
Hematophobia Fear of Blood
Herpetophobia Fear of Reptiles
Hydrophobia Fear of Water
Iatrophobia Fear of Doctors
Monophobia Fear of Being Alone
Mysophobia Fear of Dirt
Necrophobia Fear of Dead Bodies
Nucleomitiphobia Fear of Nuclear Bombs
Nyctophobia Fear of Night
Ombrophobia Fear of Rain
Ophidiophobia Fear of Snakes
Optophobia Fear of Opening Your Eyes
Pathophobia Fear of Disease
Peccatophobia Fear of Sinning
Phobophobia Fear of Your own Fears
Psychophobia Fear of Cold
Pyrophobia Fear of Fire
Sitophobia Fear of Food
Sophophobia Fear of Learning
Syphilophobia Fear of Syphillis
Taphephobia Fear of Being Burried Alive
Technophobia Fear of Technology
Thalassophobia Fear of Ocean
Thanatophobia Fear of Death
Topophobia Fear of Performing on Stage
Triskaidekaphobia Fear of Number 13
Tropophobia Fear of Moving
Xenophobia Fear of Strangers
Zoophobia Fear of Animals
Created by: JGarcia98