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Mod B Unit 4


A subcutaneous injection is given at what angle 45
The slanted edge at the top of a needle is referred to as the bevel
Mixing medication in a vial is done by________________the vial gently in your palms rolling
What needles have the largest lumen 14 gauge
The flared portion at the top of the barrel is called the flange
The term ______________________means administering medication by any route outside the GI tract parenteral
What action does NOT apply to opening ampules but does apply to drawing up medication from an ampule inj air
The sublingual route is used to give what type of chest pain medication nitro
The needle length for administering a subcutaneous injection is usually 5/8
Intradermal injections are mainly used for skin test
Aspirating when administering an injection is done to make sure you aren’t in a vein
If blood enters the needle on aspiration you must___________________ the medication discard
A tuberculin skin test should be read within 48 to 72 hrs
The Z-track method of IM injections is used to administer medications that can__________________the skin stain
An intradermal injection is given at what angle 10 - 15
What needle size would be best to use when administering an IM injection to a 150-pound adult 1 1/2 21gauge
The maximum amount of medication given in the deltoid muscle to an adult is 2ml
When using the Z-track IM injection technique you release traction
What muscle is the preferred site for administering IM injections to children vastus lateralis
What type of syringe should be used when a very small amount of medication is ordered TB
An ampule is discarded in a ___________________ container sharps
The nerve to be concerned about when giving an injection into the deltoid muscle is the radial
The thickness of the needle is expressed in gauges
What route are fluids administered to maintain blood volume, regulate body temp, and deliver nutrients IV
Intradermal injections are placed into the____________________ of the skin dermis
compression of the median nerve at the wrist is called CTS
The term for lower back pain is lumbago
The procedure that records the electrical activity of muscles is EMG
An inflammatory joint disease believed to be autoimmune in nature that normally occurs in a population aged 20 to 45 RA
Visual examination of a joint is arthroscopy
Surgical puncture of a joint is arthrocentesis
The medical term for loss of bone mass is osteoporosis
The drug Celebrex is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that may be given to reduce inflammation and pain. It is an example of the brand name
The medical term for infection of bone and bone marrow is osteomyelitis
If you see the prefix “anti–” at the beginning of a class of drug, you know that it means against
The medical term for narrowing of the spinal canal is spinal stenosis
The abbreviation for twice a day is bid
The medical term for softening of the bone is osteomalacia
The abbreviation for a medication that is to be taken under the tongue is sl
The medical term for inherited progressive muscle weakening without involvement of nerves is muscular dystrophy
Listhesis slipping
arthr/o, articul/o joint
centesis surgical puncture
oste/o bone
malacia softening
chondr/o cartilage
myel/o bone marrow
spondyl/o vertebra
desis binding
plasia development
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