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Prehistoric Times

Different ages and settlements in Britain during the Prehistoric Times

What are the names of the prehistoric times in Britain? Old Stone Age, Middle Stone Age, New Stone Age,Bronze Age and Iron Age
During the Old Stone Age, what did men do to survive? During the Old Stone Age, men hunted deer, horses, pigs, buffaloes, elephants and rhinoceroses. They ate nuts and berries. People also discovered how to make fire. They cooked their food and frightened wild animals.
How can we know that men were hunters? Old Stone Age men painted pictures on the walls and roofs of their caves. Many of the paintings were the animals they hunted like wild oxen, deer, bison, bears, horses and mammoths. Others paintings were about men and women hunting and gathering food.
During the new stone, what farming activity started to be popular? During the New Stone Age, men began to tame and breed wild cattle, sheep and goats. Then, Europeans brought seed corn, cattle, sheep and pigs. They harvested wheat and barley for food
Describe the Stonehenge temple. During the Bronze Age, people built the Stonehenge which is circles of large stone blocks. Ancient people used it to worship their gods.
What did The Celts bring to Britain? The Celts brought swords and tools made of iron. Iron was harder than copper or bronze.
Why did the Celts build ‘forts’? The Iron Age men built forts because these were places where people could meet as a tribe; they also were refuges where tribesmen took their families, cattle and sheep in times of danger.
When and where did emperor Claudius conquer Britain? In AD 43, the Roman Emperor Claudious decided to conquer Britain and make it part of the Roman Empire. The army conquered most of the country except the north of Scotland
What kind of building did the Romans do during the conquest? The Roman Army built new roads, bridges and forts, so they could safely and quickly from place to place.
How was Britain life during the Roman Empire? The Romans built new towns; they allowed the Celts to have their own customs and gods. However, they encouraged the Celts chiefs to eat, dress and live like Romans.
What kind of tax did the Britons pay to the Romans? The Britons paid a tax to the Romans. Instead of money, they paid them with corn as they had to feed the Roman army and other parts of the Roman Empire.
In A.D. 270, Saxon pirates from time to attack Roman Britain. When and why did the Roman leave Britain? The Romans left Britain in AD 410 because the army was moved from Britain to fight in Europe. However, the Anglo- Saxons attacked Britain as it was not protected any more by the Romans.
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