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Mod A Unit 4


Central Nervous system CNS
peripheral Nervous System PNS
autonomic nervous system ANS
cerbrovascular accident CVA
transient ischemic attack TIA
altered mental status AMS
cerebrospinal fluid CSF
positron emission tomography PET
magnectic resonance imaging MRI
computed axial tomography CAT
Electroencephalography EEG
Electromyography EMG
lumbar puncture LP
directions sig
as needed PRN
UNG ointment
A&O alert and oriented
Ibuprofen IBU
lumbar spine LS
Hemi half
plegia paralysis
mono one
quadri four
para abnormal
lepsy seizure
mening/o meninges
myel/o spinal cord
dur/o dura mater
rhiz/o nerve root
dermat/o skin
cerebr/o cerebrum
spin/o spine
cerebell/o cerebellum
encephal/o brain
how many pairs of spinal nerves 31
When performing a lumbar puncture, the needle is inserted between the ____________________________ lumbar vertebrae 3rd & 4th
What condition occurs from an activated dormant virus of shingles and herpes zoster
The functional unit of the nervous system is neuron
The portion of the brain responsible for equilibrium and controlling fine motor skills is the cerebellum
Hemiplegia is paralysis of what one side
Which of the meninges has a spider web appearance arachnoid
The microscopic space between neurons synapse
how many pairs of cranial nerves are there 12
Vertigo, paralysis, and headaches are all signs of what type of disorder neurological
Frontal, occipital, and temporal are all what of the brain lobes
Another name for glial cells is neuroglia
Which part of the brain produces hormones that signal the anterior pituitary gland to release its hormones pons
What transmits nerve impulses to the CNS sensory neurons
What consists of the brain, spinal cord, and meninges CNS
Folds or convolutions in the brain Gyri
Which part of the brain is responsible for thinking and voluntary activity cerebrum
Which division of the nervous system can be described as having a “fight or flight” response sympathetic
What neurological condition is characterized by “pill-rolling” motions parkinson
A suture of a severed nerve is neurorrhaphy
What has two divisions, controls involuntary action, and is part of the peripheral nervous system(PNS) ANS
A method of pain control effected by the application of electrical impulses to the skin is TENS
What neurological condition is characterized by the degeneration of the myelin sheath multiple sclerosis
An acute infection caused by the virus that causes chickenpox is shingles
The sense of smell is accomplished by the ________________________ nerve olfactory
What is a deep, prolonged unconsciousness from which the patient cannot be aroused; usually the result of a head injury, neurologic disease, acute hydrocephalus, intoxication, or metabolic abnormalities Coma
Tic douloureux is neuralgia of the ___________________ cranial nerve 5th
Ischemia of cerebral tissue with sequelae that may include paralysis, weakness, speech defects, and/or sensory changes that last more than 24hrs CVA
What is a motor function disorder as a result of permanent, non progressive brain defect or lesion caused prenatally cerebral palsey
Headache of vascular origin is migraine
A condition of abnormal accumulation of fluid in the ventricles of the brain is hydrocephalus
Away from the CNS efferent
Measurement and recording of a number of functions while the patient is asleep is a polysomnography
Towards the CNS afferent
The term for a slight paralysis of the lower limbs and trunk is paraparesis
What type of seizure is characterized by convulsions grand mal
Examination of fluid from the CNS to detect pathogens and abnormalities, which is useful in di- agnosing hemorrhages, tumors, and various diseases, is CSF
What seizure is characterized by rolling or flickering of the eyes, blank stare, and sleight facial movement petit mal
Any infection or inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord meningitis
The term for fainting is syncope
term for dizziness vertigo
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