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Mod A Unit 2


Ir/o,irid/o iris
ot/o ear
lent/i lens
acusis hearing
tympan/o tympanic/ear drum
dacry/o tear
algesia pain
blephar/o eye lid
opia vision
otia ear condition
Hx history
PH past history
PI present illness
ROS review of systems
qd every day
STAT immediately
OD right ear
OS left eye
OU both eyes
NS normal saline
IM intramuscular
CC chief complaint
aq water
ID intradermal
wt weight
CPX complete physical
amb ambulatory
chr chronic
Bx biopsy
N/C no complaints
What is presbycusis loss of hearing by aging
What is a perforation tear or hole
what is xerophthalmia dry eye
what is blepharoptosis drooping eyelid
What is cerumen ear wax
What are cones color receptors
what is sclera white of the eye
what are ossicles ear bones
What is Inna the outer ear
What is an opthalmoscopy visual examination of the eye
What are rales crackling sounds in the lungs
What is Myopia nearsightedness
What is Glaucoma increase of ocular pressure
What are the general senses pain, perception, and temp
What is the pupil center of the iris
What does the Vitreous Humor do maintains the shape of the eye
What is the iris the color portion of the eye
What form is used to obtain records from another doctor’s offic release of information
The olfactory nerve accomplishes what sense of smell
Tell me about the pain in your stomach is an example of an an open-ended question
What is said in the patients own word chief complaint
The review of systems is a check of what anatomy
What is documented under pt’s medical Hx present Hx, Family Hx, Social Hx
Changes that the patient experiences( what the pt tells you about symptoms) are documented under subjective data
What portion of the medical record would contain medical hx on the family family Hx
Duration and intensity describe what pain
Changes in the body that can be observed or measured are called objective
What position is a pt with shortness of breath(SOB) or cardiac issues placed in semi-fowlers
What section would you document the patient recently lost weight present illness
What examination method is used to feel or touch the body palpation
Equilibrium is controlled by semicircular canals
When the pt lies on their back with their knees bent and feet on the end of the exam table, they are in what position dorsal recumbent
What examination method is used in listening with a stethoscope auscultation
When performing eye irrigation you should tilt the head toward the affected eye
What position is used for better access to the rectal area and lower back sims
Application of large amounts of fluid to an area for the purpose of removing foreign objects is called irrigation
When doing an eye irrigation the solution should be released towards the inner canthus
Ear instillation is performed to treat what ear infection
Injecting the irrigating solution towards the roof of the ear canal helps prevent damage to the tympanic
What is cyanosis abnormal blue color
Pt lies on their stomach with head turned slightly to the side is the prone position
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