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Mod A Unit 1


What should you do if an emergency shows up in the office send to ER
What is the most dangerous type of skin cancer malignant melanoma
What is matrix scheduling block out schedule
What is an albino lack of all pigment
What is stream scheduling allots for specific time period
What vitamin is needed to absorb calcium D
What is a wave schedule sees 3-4 pt's q 1/2 hr in order they arrive
What is melanin brown pigment of the skin, eyes, and hair
What is vitiligo loss of pigment in patches of skin
Characteristics of a first degree burn reddening, pain, and mild swelling
What is debridement removal of dirt and debris from wounds
Sub Q fat attaches what to what skin to muscle
Onychomycosis is fungal infection of the nails
What causes acne blocked sebaceous gland
What is a Psoriasis red patches with white silvery scales
What is the pen light used to test papillary response
What is Alopecia hair loss
What is a stethoscope used to for listen to heart and lungs
What is Varruca warts
An instrument with a rubber triangle percussion hammer
What is Tinea medical term for fungus
An Aluminum instrument with 2 prongs and a handle tuning fork
A small sample of a large portion specimen
What is a nasal speculum used to view the internal surface of the nose
What is an Otoscope used for to view the inner ear
What is a keloid over growth of fibrous tissue
Ulcer is the medical term for what erosion of the skin
What is cellulitis infection of the skin and subq tissue
Excoriation is the medical term for what removal of the surface of the epidermis by scratching
What lacks blood supply, nerve tissue, and may form a keloid scar
Adipose is the medical term for what fat
What do sebaceous glands secrete oil
BSA body surface area
Bx biopsy
decub ulcer/bed sore
I&D incision and drainage
TBS total body surface
ung ointment
UV ultraviolet
STSG split thickness skin graft
C with a line over it with
s with a line over it without
sig directions
PRN as needed
PO by mouth
NPO nothing by mouth
NKDA no known drug allergies
a.c. before meals
p.c. after meals
ASA aspirin
PCN penicillin
ABC's of melanoma asymmetry, border, color, diameter
derm/o skin
hidr/o sweat
myc/o fungus
kerat/o horny, hard
onych/o nail
seb/o oil, sebum
trich/o hair
oma tumor/mass
osis abnormal condition
itis inflammation
hyper excessive
hypo low/below
xer/o dry
xanth/o yellow
ichthy/o fishy/scale like
cutan/o skin
albin/o white
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