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Medical Office and Clinical Procedures

An inborn personal quality or characteristic What is an attribute?
The ability coming from one's knowledge, practice or aptitude. What is a skill?
Assessing the seriousness of a client's problem to determine who needs to have medical help first Triage
Working within the guidelines of duties and responsibilities you have been trained for what is 'scope of practice'?
What is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Canada? Cancer
Preliminary, acknowledgement, action phase, transitional phase, resolution phase What are the five stages of illness?
Physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual What are the five dimensions of wellness?
The languages, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that are passed from one generation to the nexta What is culture?
When was the first health-care legislation passed in Canada? 1867
What province had the first provincial health plan? Saskatchewan
An infection that is contracted in a hospital setting is called what? Nosocomial
What is meant when a test is ordered STAT? Immediately
What are the four different drug names? Chemical, trade, botanical, generic
What are the five principles of the Canada Health Act? Comprehensiveness, Universality, Portability, Public administration, Accessibility
WBC, RBC, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin, Platelet count and diff Hematological tests
What are the 4 sources for medications? Plant, Animal, Mineral, semi-Synthetic and synthetic
How does the autoclave sterilize? Heat, water and pressure
What are 3 ways we sterilize articles? Steam under pressure, dry heat, and chemical-gas mixtures
What are things needed for bacterial growth Moisture, heat, oxygen, light
What is an infectious disease transmitted directly from one person to another? Communicable disease
What is the most effective way of breaking the chain of infection? Washing your hands.
Normal body temperature 37 degrees C
What are the measurements of blood pressure? Systolic and Diastolic
What is a normal adult blood pressure? 120/80
What is the average pulse rate for a adult? 60-80 bpm
Increased blood pressure is referred to as what? Hypertension
How long should you book a complete physical? 30 min
When do you book counselling appointments? Before lunch or end of day
How long should you book most appointments for? 15 min
What appointments would need to be seen the day they call? Ear infections, chest pains, UTI's
What are the 11 routes of drug administration? Topical, inhalation, otic, ophthalmic, nasal, sublingual, buccal, vaginal, rectal, oral, and parenteral
What is the chain of infection? Causative organism, host reservoir, portal of exit, portal of entry, susceptible host, incubation period, appearance of clinical signs.
What patient information is necessary on all lab requisitions? Patient's first name, last name, date of birth, gender, address, PHN, phone number
What physician information is necessary on all lab requisitions? Doctor's first name, last name, and location
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