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Tech Escort - Chem

Chemical Block 2015

Vapor Pressure The pressure (force) exerted by the vapor molecules in a closed container at equilibrium
Vapor Density Dividing the molecular weight of vapor by the molecular weight of dry air
Ionization Potential Amount of energy required to excite a valence electron. Compounds potential must be at or below the energy of the instrument.
Boiling Point Temperature at which a substance's vapor pressure equals and then exceed the atmosphere. Liquid -> Gas
On the periodic table, the vertical column is know as the .... Group
What are the three states of matter? 1. Solid 2. Liquid 3. Gas
On the periodic table, the horizontal row is know as the .... Period
Elements Cannot be broken down into any simpler form and retain properties of that element
Compounds 2 or more elements bound together chemically
Electrons are found... On the outside orbitals
Neutrons are found... On the inside of the nucleus
What are types of mixtures? 1. homogeneous 2. heterogeneous
Homogeneous Relatively uniform in composition
Heterogeneous Mixture composition varies from position to position
Ionic Bonding Atoms gain or lose electrons during reaction (metal + nonmetals)
Covalent Bonding Atoms share electrons during reaction (nonmetals + nonmetals)
Protons are found... on the inside of nucleus
T/F: From left to right the atomic # decreases False, the atomic # INCREASES
T/F: From right to left the atomic mass increases False, the atomic mass increases from LEFT to RIGHT
Orbital three dimensional region around the nucleus where an electron can be found
What is the role of the Recon Team? - identification - characterization - render safe procedures - securing material - establish sump at entrance to target site
What is the composition of the Recon Team? 3 EOD personnel or 2 EOD and 1 Chemical Sample Team LDR
What is the composition of the Sample Team? - Sample Team LDR - Dirty Person -Clean Person
How many peronnel should the Sample Team consists of ? Recommended 3 personnel; min. of 2
What are some of the roles of a Sample Team LDR? Develop a plan, team assignments, Brief the team, Control access, Create a target area/site sketch, Take/review photos and videos of sampling site, Prioritize sampling locations, Designate set up location, Record data, Follow unit SOP
What is the role of the Clean Person? - Responsible for sampling bag - Disseminates sampling tools to the dirty person as required - Receives samples from dirty person - Performs final packaging of samples
Simple distillation is used when... BPs differ by at least 70 degree C
Fractional distillation is used when... BPs nearly similar or differ by 25 degrees C; can not be separated by simple distillation
Reflex is used to.... Supply heat to reactions over a long period of time
Separation is used to... Separate the components of mixture into two immiscible solvent phases of different densities in a liquid to liquid extraction
Filtration is used to... Separate liquids from solids
Extraction is used and required when... The desired compound has a limited solubility in a solvent
What are the purposes of sampling - Conducted after search and survey is complete - Samples of contamination are required - When the agent identified cannot be determined or confirmed - Biological agents are suspected - Proof of agent is needed
What is the composition of a sample team? - Sample team leader - Dirty person - Clean person
When cooling a sample in an ice chest, what is used only as a last resort? standard ice
Grab sample a sample removed at a single point in time from one location
What are the types of sampling strategies? - Random - Systematic - Judgmental (selective)
Random Sampling Unmethodical sampling; disorganized sampling
Systematic Sampling Objective strategy where samples are taken at predetermined intervals
Judgmental (selective) a subjective strategy where sites are selected based in the assessment or determination of the sampling team