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OriginalCfDefinitionGreek/ Latin
aden aden- gland Greek
aer aer- air, gas Greek
aisthesis esthe(s)- sensation, sensitivity, sense Greek
akantha acanth- thorn, spine Greek
akouein acou(s)-, acu(s)- hear Greek
akron acr- extremities Greek
algesis alges- sensitivity to pain Greek
algos alg- pain Greek
allos all- other, divergence, difference from Greek
amblys ambly- dull, faint Greek
amnion amni- fetal membrane, amniotic sac, amnion Greek
amylon amyl- strach Greek
aner, andros andr- man, male Greek
angeinon angi- (blood) vessel or duct Greek
ankylos ankyl-, ancyl- fused, stiffened; hooked, crooked Greel
aorte aort- aorta Greek
aphrodisios aphrodis(i) sexual desire Greek
arachne arachn- spider, web; arachnoid membrane Greek
arteria arteri- artery Greek
arthron arthr- joint Greek
askites asc-, ascit- bladder, sac, bag Greek
athere ather- fatty deposit Greek
autos aut- self Greek
barys bary- heavy, dull, hard Greek
bios bi- life Greek
blennos blenn- mucus Greek
bole bol- a throwing Greek
brachys brachy- short Greek
bradys brady- slow Greek
cheilos ch(e)il- lip Greek
cheir cheir-, chir- hand Greek
chloros chlor- green Greek
chole chol(e)- bile, gall Greek
chondros chondr- cartilage Greek
chroma, chromatos chrom-, chroma-, chromat- color, pigment Greek
chronos chron- time, timing Greek
daktylos dactyl- finger, toe Greek
demos dem- people, population Greek
derma, dermatos derm(at)-, -derma skin Greek
desis -desis binding Greek
desmos desm- ligament, connective tissue Greel
diploos diplo- double, twin Greek
dipsa dips- thirst Greek
dolichos dolich- long, narrow, slender Greek
dromos drom- a running Greek
dynamis dynam- force, power, energy Greek
ekho echo- reverberating sound, echo Greek
emein eme- vomit Greek
enkephalon encephal- brain Greek
enteron enter- (small) intestine Greek
ergon erg- action, work Greek
eros, erotos er-, erot- sexual desire Greek
erythros erythr- red, red blood cell Greek
gaster, gastros gastr- stomach Greek
geras ger- old age Greek
gignesthai gen(e)-, -gen come into being; produce Greek
gignoskein gno(s)- know Greek
gnathos gnath- (lower) jaw Greek
gramma gram- a record Greek
graphein graph- write, record Greek
gyne, gynaikos gyn(ec)- woman, female Greek
haima, haimatos hem-, hemat-, -em- blood Greek
helkos (h)elc- ulcer Greek
helmins, helminthos helmint(h) (intestinal) worm Greek
hepar, hepatos hepar-, hepat- liver Greek
hidros, hidrotos hidr(ot)-, -idr- sweat Greek
histanai sta(t)- stand, stop Greek
histos hist(i)- tissue Greek
hydor, hydatos hydr- water, fluid Greek
hypnos hypn- sleep Greek
iatros iatr- healer, physician; treatment Greek
idios idi- of one's self Greek
ikteros icter- jaundice Greek
is, inos in-, inos fiber, muscle Greek
ischein isch-, -sche- suppress, check Greek
isos is- equal, same, similar, alike Greek
kardia cardi- heart Greek
karkinos carcin- carcinoma, cancer Greek
kele -cel- hernia, tumor, swelling Greek
kentein cente- pierce Greek
kephale cephal- head Greek
kinein kine- move Greek
kinesis kines(i) movement, motion Greek
kirsos cirs- dilated and twisted vein, varix Greek
klan cla(s)-, -clast break (up), destroy Greek
kleptein klept- steal Greek
koilia cel(i)- abdomen Greek
kolon col(i)-, colon- colon Greek
kranion crani- skull Greek
krinein crin- secrete, secretion Greek
kryptos crypt- hidden, latent Greek
kyanos cyan- blue Greek
kystis cyst(i)-, -cystis bladder, cyst Greek
kytos cyt- cell Greek
lalein lal- talk Greek
lapara lapar- abdomen, abdominal wall Greek
legein lex- read Greek
leios lei- smooth Greek
lepsis lep- attach, seizure Greek
leptos lept- thin, fine, slight Greek
leukos leuk- white, white blood cell Greek
lipos lip- fat Greek
lithos lith- stone, calculus Greek
logos log- word, study Greek
lyein ly(s) destroy, break down Greek
mainesthai man- be mad Greek
makros macr- (abnormally) large or long Greek
malakos malac- soft Greek
megas, magalou mega-, megal- (abnormally) large or long Greek
melas, malanos melan- dark, black Greek
melos mel- limb Greek
meninx, menigos, meninges mening-, -meninx meningeal membrane, meninges Greek
mesos mes- middle, secondary, partial, mesentary Greek
metron metr-, meter- measure, measuring device Greek
mikros micr- (abnormally) small Greek
mimneskein mne- remember Greek
morphe morph- form, shape Greek
myelos myel- bone marrow, spinal cord Greel
mykes, myketos myc(et)- fungus Greek
mys, myos my(s) muscle Greek
myxa myx- mucus Greek
narke narc- stupor, numbness Greek
nekros necr- corpse, dead Greek
nema, menatos nemat- threat (worm) greek
neos ne- new Greek
nephros nephr- kidney Greek
neuron neur- nerve, nervous system Greek
nomos nom- law Greek
nosos nos- disease, illness Greek
nous no- mind, mental activity, comprehension Greek
nyx, nyctos nyct- night Greek
odous, odontos odont- tooth Greek
odyne odyn- pain Greek
oidema, oidematos edema-, edemat- swelling Greek
oligos olig- few, deficient Greek
omphalos omphal- navel, umbilicus Greek
onkos onc- tumor Greek
onyx, onychos onych- fingernail, toenail Greek
oregein orec-, orex- have an appetite Greek
orthos orth- straight, erect; normal Greek
osteon oste- bone Greek
ous, otos ot- ear Greek
oxys ox(y) acute, pointed; rapid; acid; oxygen Greek
pachys pachy- thick Greek
pais, paidos ped- child Greek
palin pali(n)- back, again Greek
pas, pantos pan(t)- all, entire, every Greek
pathos path- disease Greek
penia pen- decrease, deficiency Greek
pexis -pex- fixing, (surgical) attachment Greek
phagein phag- swallow, eat Greek
pharmakon pharmac(eu)- medicine, drug Greek
pheme phem- speech Greek
phenai pha- speak, communicate Greek
philein phil- love; have an affinity for Greek
phleps, phlebos phleb- vein Greek
phobos phob- (abnormal) fear Greek
phone phon- voice, sound Greek
phoros phor- bearing, carrying Greek
phos, photos phos-, phot- light, daylight Greek
phrassein phrac-, phrag- enclose, obstruct Greek
phrazein phras- speak Greek
phren phren- mind; diaphragm Greek
phylattein phylac- protection (against disease) Greek
physis phys(i)- nature, appearance Greek
phyton phyt- plant (organism), growth Greek
piptein pt- fall, sag, drop, prolapse Greek
plassein plas(t)- form, develop Greek
plessein plec-, pleg- strike, paralyze Greek
poiein poie- produce, make Greek
polios poli- gray matter of the brain and spinal cord Greek
polys poly- many, excessive Greek
poros por- passage, opening, duct, pore, cavity Greek
pous, podos pod- foot Greek
presbys presby- old, old age Greek
prosopon prosop- face Greek
prostates prostat- prostate gland Greek
protos prot- first, primitive, early Greek
pseudes pseud- false Greek
psyche psych- mind Greek
ptyalon ptyal- saliva Greek
ptyein pty- spit Greek
pyon py- pus Greek
pyr, pyros pyr- fever, burning Greek
pyressein pyrex- be feverish Greek
pyretos pyret- fever Greek
rhachis r(h)achi- spine Greek
rhaptein -rhaph suture Greek
rhegnynai rhag- flow profusely, hemorrhage Greek
rhein rhe- flow, secrete Greek
rhexis rhex- rupture Greek
rhis, rhinos rhin- nose Greek
rhythmos rhythm- heartbeat Greek
sapros sapr- rotten, putrid, decaying Greek
sarx, sarcos sarc- flesh, soft tissue Greek
schizein schiz-, schist-, schisis split, cleft, fissure Greek
sepein sep- be infected Greek
sitos sit- food Greek
skleros scler- hard Greek
skopein scop- look at, examine Greek
soma, somatos som(at)-, -soma body Greek
spasmos spasm- spasm, involuntary muscular contraction Greek
sphygmos sphygm- pulse Greek
splen splen- spleen Greek
spondylos spondyl- vertebra Greek
staxis -staxis, -staxia dripping, oozing (of blood) Greek
stear, steatos stear-, steat- fat, sebaceous glands, sebum Greek
stellein stal-, stol- send, contraction Greek
stenos sten- narrow Greek
stereos stere- solid, having three dimensions Greek
sthenos sthen- strength Greek
stoma, stomatos stom-, stomat- mouth, opening Greek
tachys tachy- rapid Greek
tasis ta- stretching Greek
taxis tax- (muscular) coordination Greek
telos tel- end, completion Greek
tenon, tenontos ten-, tenon(t) tendon Greek
thanatos then(at)- death Greek
therapeuein therap(eu)- treat medically, heal Greek
therme therm- heat, (body) temperature Greek
thrix, trichos trich- hair Greek
thrombos thromb- blood clot Greek
tithenai the- place, put Greek
tome tom- a cutting, slice, incision Greek
tonos ton- (muscular) tone, tension Greek
topos top- place Greek
toxon tox(i)- poison Greekq
trachelos trachel- neck, cervix Greek
trope trop- turining Greek
trophe troph- nourishment Greek
xanthos xanth- yellow Greek
abdomen, abdominis abdomin- belly, abdomen Latin
adeps, adips adip- fat Latin
angina angin- choking pain, angina pectoris Latin
anterior anter- front, in front Latin
arctare, arctatus arct(at)- compress Latin
atrium atri- atrium Latin
auris aur- ear Latin
bacillus bacill- bacillus Latin
brachium brachi- (upper) arm Latine
bursa burs- bursa Latin
caedere, caesus -cid-, -cis- cut, kill Latin
calor calor- heat, energy Latine
clax, calcis calc- stone, calcium, lime (salts) Latin
capere, captus -cip-, -cept- take Latin
capillus capill capillary latin
caput, capitis capit- head Latin
cerebrum cerebr- brain Latin
claudere, clausus -clud-, -clus- close Latin
cor, cordis cor-, cord- heart Latin
corona coron- crown Latin
costa cost- rib Latin
crescere, cretus cresc-, -cret- (begin to) grow Latin
cuspis, cuspidis cusp-, -cuspid point Latin
dens, dentis dent- tooth Latin
dexter dextr- right (side) Latin
digitus digit- finger, toe Latin
dorsum dors- back (of the body) Latin
ducere, ductus duc-, duct- lead, bring, conduct Latin
externus, -a, -um extern- outer Latin
facere, factus fac-, fic-, fect-, -fy- make Latin
facies faci-, fici-, facies face, appearance, surface Latin
febris febr-, febris- fever Latin
ferre, latus fer-, lat- carry, bear Latin
fibra fibr- fiber, filament Latin
fistula fistul- (tube, pipe) fistula, an abnormal tubelike passage in the body Latin
flextere, flexus flext-, flex- bend Latin
forma form- shape Latin
frigus, frigoris frig-, frigor- cold Latin
fundere, fusus fus- pour Latin
fungus fung- fungus Latin
gerere, gestus ger-, gest- carry, bear Latin
gignere, genitus genit- bring forth, give birth, +al= reproductive organs Latin
gurgitare, gurgitatus gurgit-, gurgitat- flood, flow Latin
immunis immun(i)- safe, protected Latin
inferior inferior- below Latin
insula insul- island Latin
internus, -a, -um intern- inner Latin
labi, lapsus lab-, laps- slide, slip Latin
latus, lateris later- side Latin
meatus meat- passage, opening, meatus Latin
nasus nas- nose Latin
os, oris or-, os mouth, opening Latin
ossa oss- bone Latin
pectus, pectoris pector- breast, chest Latin
pediculus pedicul- louse, lice Latin
posterior poster-, posterior behind, in back Latin
pulmo, pulmonis pulm(on)- lung, pulmonary artery Latin
pus, puris pur- pus Latin
radix, radicis radic-, rad-, radix- root Latin
ren, renis ren- kidney Latin
saeptum sept- wall, partition Latin
sanguis, sanguinis sangui(n) blood Latine
secare, sectus sect- cut Latin
sinister sinistr- left (side) Latin
sinus sin-, sinus sinus Latin
somnus somn- sleep Latin
sonus son- sound Latin
stabilis stabil-, stabl- stable, fixed Latin
superior superior- above Latin
synovia synov- synovial fluid, synovial membrane or sac Latin
tendere, tensus tens(i) stretch Latin
tuba tub- tube Latin
tumere tum(e)- be swollen Latin
tussis tuss- cough Latin
vacca vacc- cow, vaccine Latin
vagus vag- the vagus nerve Latin
varix, varicis varic-, varix- dilated and twisted vein, varix Latin
vas vas- (blood) vessel; vas deferens Latin
vena ven- vein Latin
venter, ventris ventr- belly, abdomen, abdominal cavity Latin
virus vir-, virus- virus Latin
viscus, visceris viscer- internal organ(s) Latin
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