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rome stuff

roman stuff

What the romans borrowed from the Etruscans The romans borrowed the structures called arches and cuniculuses. Romans adopted both structures and used them to make aqueducts, which combined both styles. They also enjoyed slave fighting and chariot races, as Rome would later too.
How the romans changed the Etruscans ideas The romans way of bringing water to the city was with aqueducts. Romans, instead of making cuniculuses underground, would have them go mostly above ground, except when they had to go through mountains. Aqueducts would go from the spring straight to Rome.
Greek Ideas that changed Rome Greeks had marble temples, columns, all capital letters, and detailed pottery. Romans would later adopt all of these styles.
How the romans changed greek ideas Romans would, instead of exaggerating the target (on pottery) like the greeks did, instead made the depiction identical to the original person. Romans would also use the columns and marble on public buildings such as the Colosseum.
First event of the birth of the republic Etruscan Kings would rule over all the roman people. Patricians still held more power over the plebeians, but the kings would have the most power. Pats resented this.
2nd event of the birth of the republic The Republic is formed. Lucius Tarquinius Brutus overthrows the last etruscan king, and rome vows that they would never be under the rule of a tyrant again. Pats have unfair rule over plebeians, now.
3rd event of the birth of the republic Plebeians rebel and gain some rights. Plebeian soldiers go on strike and sit on a hill, and pats give them "compromises". Plebeians are happier, but still know they are being taken advantage of.
4th and final event of the birth of the republic Equality is reached and the plebs and pats are equal. This is achieved by more rebellions.
Gauls Gauls are from the north. The gauls invaded rome at first, and took everything of value. Eventually, rome built up an army and more power, and took over some of Gaul in the second period of expansion, and all of it in the third.
Carthaginians The carthaginians where THE naval power in the mediterranean. They lived in a amazingly fertile area and had lots of power. Romans obviously wanted to be the #1, and fought carthage in the punic wars. They won, and salted carthage's fertile land
Punic Wars The wars between Carthage and Rome- 2nd period. 1rst war-Rome wins by copying ships and using planks. 2nd- Hannibal humiliates Rome invading thru alps. Then rome sails to carthage, and burns it. 3rd- Rome demolishes everything Carthage has left.
Hannibal BRILLLIANT carthaginian leader during the second period of expansion. Brought soldiers through alps ands somehow massacres the romans at all encounters. However, when rome sails to carthage he has no choice but to turn around, and is defeated.
Julius Ceasar Amazing roman general that became so powerful rome sent him to govern gaul so that he doesn't destroy the republic. He realized and conquered rome, and was named dictator for life. he built public works and roads, but was stabbed by friendsbecauseofpower.
Octavian (Augustus) Julius's son. Established the pax romana, which was a set of laws that guaranteed peace throughout rome. He punished the unfaithful spouses and built public works, as well as conquered many places. Soldiers were exhausted and unhappy, though- pax romana
Pax Romana Peace Rome. A set of laws established by octavian that guaranteed that everyone in rome was protected by the army. This made everyone but the army happy, as the army had to protect all of rome's massive borders. This fell some 200 years later.
Jesus of Nazareth Jewish shepherd who thought that religion was losing its way, and taught people how to live a real religious life. Born in 4 b.c.e. Authorities felt that Jesus would lead the jewish in a revolt, and was crucified.
Why the romans crucified jesus Roman authorities felt that jesus would lead the jewish in a revolt. When jesus went ape on the people at a temple that were selling stuff at the door, He was crucified for "disturbance of the peace" and given a much harsher punishment.
Why the romans persecuted christians Romans believed that anyone that didn't adopt the greek religion was to be crucified. Greeks had to worship their emperor with sacrifices
Constantine the Great Issued the edict of Mila, which gave freedom of religion. After seeing a cross in the sky, Constantine secretly converted and came out of the closet on his deathbed.
Theodosius Made christianity the religion of the roman empire in 391 b.c.e. Banned practice of old religions and closed temples. Large churches were built around the empire.
Events that led to the end of the Pax Romana The roman empire stopped receiving soldiers because there was nowhere else to conquer, and could not hold off the attackers of the borders.
Conflicts within the empire, and how outside groups weakened the empire Goths, visigoths, huns. and other barbarians attacked roman borders, and soldiers could not hold them off. Border towns were not protected. The army was a gaping hole in the economy, and money was short. The poor lined the streets, because of inflation.
How the Roman empire split in two Diocletian split the empire in two and took the eastern half, because it was still rich from the hellespont. This made it easier to control borders, and was an attempt to preserve Rome.
What brought the western roman empire to an end Germanic tribes sheperded to rome by the huns. Visigoths trash rome, then the vandals then by odoacer. He became the first germanic king of Rome. Germanic Tribes continued to take over parts of rome.
How roman culture lived on after the west collapses- byazantium The new capital of Rome in the east.At the hellsepont. Rome lived on in this oasis
Constantinople / Istanbul City where Roman culture and architecture have lived on. Capital of western empire
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