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MOD-G - Unit III

Gaylor S&T Wk#3

Abscess a pus-filled cavity resulting from inflammation and usually caused by bacterial infection  
Aphthous stomatitis canker sores or recurrent, painful mouth ulcers
Benign a mass (tumor) that is non life threatening
Biopsy Removal of tissue to study
Black hair tongue caused by bacteria or fungi in the mouth, the papilla is elongated and becomes stained which make the tongue appear black and hairy
BWX Bite wing x-ray (intraoral: within the mouth)
Curettage a periodontal procedure where your gums are scraped to remove bacteria
Cyst Fluid filled sac
Dentifrice Powder; paste or liquid for cleaning teeth
Erosion Progressive loss of the hard substance of a tooth by chemical processes not involving bacteria.
Fluoride A chemical solution or gel which you put on your teeth, the fluoride hardens your teeth and prevents tooth decay
Frenectomy Removal of the frenum to relieve ‘tongue tied’
FMX Full mouth x-ray or full mouth series
Geographic tongue Bald areas on the tongue where there is damage to the papilla, make it look like a map, these are always changing
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gingivae or gums
Glossitis Inflammation of the tongue
Hematoma Blood filled mass
Herpes simplex I Cold Sores
Impaction A tooth that is unerupted from the jaw (aka. Wisdom teeth)
Leukoplakia A precancerous change in a mucous membrane marked by slightly raised and sharply circumscribed white patches that cannot be rubbed off.
Malignant a mass (tumor) that is cancerous or life threatening
Mounting Appropriate way to set up the x-ray for the dentist “anatomical”
Nodule small node or hard centered cyst
Osteoplasty Surgical repair of the bone
Osteotomy The surgical cutting or sawing of a bone
OX Occlusal x-rays
PA Perapicals or posterior-anterior or preparatory appointment
PANO Panoramic x-ray: also known as Panorex(extraoral: outside the mouth)
Papule solid raised lesion that has distinct borders and is less than 1 cm in diameter
Plaque a collection of bacteria
Probing Poking at the gums to measure the periodontal pockets (w/ a flexible instrument).
Prophylaxis Where the dentist or dental hygienist removes stains and deposits and polishes teeth
Pulpitis Inflammation of the dental (in root) pulp
Pustule small collection of pus in the top layer of skin
Scaling Removing deposits from teeth (such as plaque) with an instrument
Supernumerary Extra teeth
Tartar calcified deposits on the teeth
Ulcer Open sore on the mucus membrane
Vesicle Small collection of clear fluid (blister)
Created by: SHAALLEN