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Rel Spring Exam 6th

Who are the People of God? The Church
What is the Communion of Saints? All the faithful members of the Church, those in heaven, those in purgatory, and those on earth
The Communion of Saints included all the faithful members of the Church where? On earth, in heaven, and in purgatory
The source of the Church's life and unity is the... Holy Spirit.
Who is the Church a temple for? The Holy Spirit
Who teaches that the Church is the Body of Christ? St. Paul
Who is the head of the Church? Christ/Jesus
Who was given the responsibility to be the shepherd of the Church on earth? Pope/Peter
Who are the members of the Church on earth that form the Body of Christ? Ordained, Consecrated, and Laypeople
We've each been given different gifts and ______ to build up the Church. Responsibilities
Graces given by the Holy Spirit to help us build the Church and live the Christian Life? Charisms
What is the Petrine Ministry? Unique ministry of the pope, bishop of Rome
What are the Pope's responsibilities? Keep the Church together as one, keep the Church faithful, and strengthen and encourage all members of the Church
What is holiness? The quality of condition of a person who is living in communion with and in the right relationship with God, others, and with all of his creation; being in a state of grace.
Why did God create us? To know, love, serve, and live with him in eternal happiness.
What are the 3 Theological Virtues? Faith, Hope, and Love
What are the 3 Theological Virtues purpose? Connect us with faith and believe in God
The graces of the Holy Spirit helps us make ___ to grow in ____. 1. Freely 2. Holiness
What happens at Baptism? Grace of the Holy Spirit, Welcomed to the Church, Freed from original sin, and share in the work of the Holy Spirit
What are the Spiritual Works of Mercy? Instruct the Ignorant, Help people who sin, Give advice to people who have doubts, Comfort people who suffer, Be patient with others, Forgive people who hurt you, and Pray for people who are alive and for those who have died.
What are the Corporal Works of Mercy? Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Clothe the naked, Visit prisoners, Shelter the homeless, Visit the sick, and Bury the died.
What are the moral decisions? When we choose what to say or do in order to live as children of God
What can help us learn to make good moral choices? Mortality
What are the 3 parts of a moral decision? Object- what we do/say, Intension-purpose, and Circumstances-things surrounding your decisions
What helps us judge what is right and wrong? Morality!
What is the teaching office of the Church? Maginstarien
What categories of sins are there? Pride, Lust, Anger, Envy, Coveters, Sloth
What is a Psalm? Prayer/Songs from the Old Testament
What is a Distraction? Thoughts and ideas that put us away from prayer
Who is Abraham? Our father in faith
What are the types of prayer in the Book of Psalms? Blessing or adoration, Petition, Intersection, Thanksgiving, and Praise
What is Blessing or Adoration? We declare that God is our Almighty Creator.
What is a Petition? WE ask for God's forgiveness and help in all our needs
What is Intercession? We pray that God will help others in their needs
What is Thanksgiving? We express our gratitude to God for all his many blessing
What is Praise? We give glory to God simply because he is God and is deserving of our honor and respect
What is prayer? A conversation with God
How do we pray? From our hearts or in the Classroom of Silence
What does prayer do for us? Bring us closer to God
Why do we still pray the Psalms today? Filled with emotions
Who was the primary author of the Psalms? King David
What are the parts of the Lord's Prayer? Our Father, giving glory, and 4 petitions
Where is the Lord's Prayer found in the New Testament? Gospel of Luke and Matthew
What are some things we ask for in the Lord's Prayer? The kingdom coming, God's will be done, God provides for us, forgives us, away from temptation; deliver us from evil
What does the word "Heaven" describe? God's kingdom above and where to spend life after earth
When we pray, "Thy will be done", we are? Asking God's will should be put over ours and that we follow his path
What does the phrase "daily bread" mean? It means our daily fulfillment of spiritual foods
Temptation is a strong... Trial that moves us away from God.
All the people of the Church join to prepare for the coming of the... Kingdom of God
How do Benedictines live the Beatitudes? Nonviolence
True/False The Church is the Communion of Saints. True
Our faith is passed on through Sacred Tradition, but it is revealed to us in ________ __________. Divine Revelation
Created by: JenRH
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