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A10 Tow test

A10 Tow sup and member test

When towing an A-10 aircraft, the towing speed will not exceed walking team member or 5 MPH AFOSH 91-100, 2.2.8
The only tow team member aurthorized to give the "all clear to move" signal prior to towing an aircraft is the Tow Team Supervisor AFOSH 91-100, 2.2.2
The tow vehicle operator will obey emergency stop instructions given by any team member AFOSH 91-100
to prevent possible internal damage to the strut centering cams and outer cylinder, ensure nose strut extension does not exceed ____ inches during towing operation 7 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1 Caution
Installation of the landing gear ground safety pins does not guarantee a safe gear condition True 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1 Warning #6
During the towing operation the emergency brake handle must be pulled 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1.3 STEP #3
Which tech data covers safe for maintenance of the A-10 Aircraft 1A-10C-2-4JG-1 1A-10C-2-4JG-1
If emergency braking is required during A-10 towing, the brake rider should expect a minimum of _____ emergency brake application from a fully charged accumulator 3 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1 CAUTION
Who is required to take the towing test Tow supervisor, vehicle operator and brake rider
Prior to towing the A-10, the crew boarding ladder must be Extended or retracted 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1.3 NOTE: #4
A tire pressure check shall be accomplished if more than 72 hours has elapsed since last documented tire pressure check True 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1
The tow bar should be disconnected from the aircraft before it is disconnected from the vehicle False 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1.4 STEP #2
Prior to towing the A-10 aircraft, ensure the nose gear jacking lock pin and streamer assembly is Removed 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1.1
The tow bar shall not be operated more than ____ degrees CW o CCW from center 150 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1
Do not tow aircraft when maximum gross weight exceeds 46,000 lbs 1A-10C-2-4JG-1, 3.1.3 NOTE: #4
Created by: airpower326
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