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What is a foodborne illness? a disease transmitted to people by food.
When is a foodborne illness considered an outbreak? when two or more people are affected with the same symptoms after eating the same food from the same place at the same time
How many people contract foodborne illness each year? Millions
What are the seven challenges to food safety? 1) Time. 2) Language and culture 3) Literacy and education 4) Pathogens 5) Unapproved Suppliers 6) High-risk populations 7) Staff Turnover
Name the 8 costs of foodborne illness? 1) Loss of customers/sales 2) Loss of reputation 3) Negative media/reputation loss 4) Lowered staff morale 5) Lawsuits and legal fees 6) Staff missing work 7) Increased insurance premiums 8) Staff retraining
How many dollars does foodborne illnesses cost the United States each year? Billions
What month is national food safety month? September
Unsafe food is usually the result of this, which is the presence of harmful substances in food. Contamination.
What are the three contaminants that can cause foodborne illness? 1) Physical (metal shavings, fingernails, etc) 2) Biological (pathogens, parasites) 3) Chemical (cleaner spilled into food, etc)
There are five ways food becomes unsafe. Name those 5 ways 1) Purchasing food form unsafe sources 2) Failing to cook food correctly 3) Holding food at incorrect temperatures 4) Using contaminated equipment 5) Poor personal hygiene
What is time temperature abuse? Food has stayed too long at temperatures that are good for the growth of pathogens.
What is the unsafe temperature zone? 41-135 degrees fahrenheit
How long can food be safely stored at the unsafe levels without expecting a pathogen? 4 hours maximum.
What are three behaviors that can cause time temperature abuse? 1) Food is not held or stored at the correct temperature 2) Food is not cooked or reheated enough to kill pathogens 3) Food is not cooled correctly
What is Cross-contamination? Pathogens transferred from one food surface (or food) to another
How can cross-contamination cause foodborne illness? Name 5 ways 1) Contaminated ingredients are added to food that receives no further cooking 2) Ready to eat food touches a contaminated surface 3) Contaminated food touches or drips fluid onto cooked or ready to eat food. (4 or food handler) 5) dirty wiping cloths
How can poor personal hygiene transfer foodborne illness? Name 4 1) Failure to wash hands after bathroom 2) cough or sneeze on food 3) Touch or scratch wounds and then touch food 4) work while sick
What can go wrong with poor cleaning and sanitizing? Pathogens can be spread to food if equipment ahs not been cleaned and sanitized correctly between uses.
What are 4 ways poor cleaning and sanitizing can cause food borne illness? 1) equipment and utensils are not washed, rinsed, and sanitized 2) Food contact surfaces wiped clean rather than washed, rinsed, sanitized 3) wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution in between uses 4) sanitizing solutions not at required levels
What is a three letter word that is food most likely to become unsafe? TCS Food
What are the TCS foods? Milk/dairy Eggs Meats including poultry and fish shellfish and crustacean Baked potatoes Rice beans, heat treated plant foods Tofu, soy protein Sprouts Untreated garlic and oil (decorative) sliced melon, tomato, lettuce
What is ready to eat food? Food that can be eaten without further preparation, washing or cooking.
What populations are at high risk for foodborne illness? Preschool age children Elderly people People with compromised immune systems due to illness , aids, hiv, cancer or chemotherapy patients
Why are children at a higher risk? Underdeveloped immune system
Why are elderly at a high risk? Stomach acid production decreases which gives toxins more time to form.
What are the five key practices for ensuring food safety? 1) Purchasing food form approved suppliers 2) controlling time and temparature 3) preventing cross contamination 4) practicing poor personal hygiene 5) cleaning and sanitizing
What are the 4 ways you can market food safety in your kitchen? 1) offer training 2) discuss safety expectations. document procedures 3) certificates of excellence 4) set an example
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