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DukePA surgery terms

surgery terminology

a, an- without or not
ante- before
anti- against
dys- difficult, disordered, painful
ecto- exterior
endo- interior
hyper- above
hypo- below
intra- within, during
post- after
pre- before
retro- behind
al- pertaining to
cleisis- closure, occlusion
desis- fusion
ectomy- surgical excision of
itis- inflammation
lysis- freeing of, reduction of
oma- tumor or neoplasm
orrhaphy- repair of
oscopy- examine an organ by viewing
ostomy- creation of an opening
otomy- cutting into
pexy- fix or suture into place
plasty- restorative or reconstruction procedure
ectomy- excision of
adeno- gland
arthro- joint
blepharo- eyelid
cardi- heart
chole- gall
cholecyst- gallbladder
col- colon
colpo- vagina
cranio- skull
cysto- urinary bladder
dent- tooth
derma- skin
dermato- skin
entero- intestines
gastro- stomach
hema-, hemo- blood
hemato- blood
hepato- liver
hystero- uterus
jejun- second part of small intestine
lamin- posterior vertebral arch
mast- breast
myo- muscle
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
oophor- ovary
ophthalm- eye
orchio- testicle
os- opening or mouth; also, bone
ot- ear
pharyng- throat
phleb- vein
pneumo- lung
procto- anus
prostate- prostate gland
pyelo- pelvis of kidney
rhino- nose
salping- fallopian tube
spermato- semen
splanchno- viscera
teno- tendon
thoraco- chest
trachel- neck of uterus
tracheo- trachea, windpipe
ureter, uretero- tube from kidney
urethra- tube from bladder
vas- vessel or duct
Arthrotomy joint
Adenoidectomy Adenoids
Adrenalectomy Adrenal gland
Appendectomy Appendix
Cecectomy Cecum
Cholecystectomy Gallbladder
Coccygectomy Coccyx
Colectomy Colon
Craniectomy Skull
Cystectomy Urinary bladder
Embolectomy Embolus
Esophagectomy Esophagus
Fistulectomy Fistula
Ganglionectomy Ganglion
Gastrectomy Stomach
Glomectomy, excision of a glomus
Carotid Carotid body
Hemicolectomy Half of colon
Hemorrhoidectomy Hemorrhoids
Hydrocelectomy Hydrocele
Hypophysectomy Pituitary gland
Hysterectomy Uterus
Laminectomy Posterior vertebral arch
Laryngectomy Larynx
Lobectomy Lobe of lung or liver
Mastectomy Breast
Mastoidectomy Mastoid Cell
Myomectomy Muscle tumor
Nephrectomy Kidney
Neurectomy Nerve
Orchiectomy or Oophorectomy Ovary
Orchidectomy Testicle
Pancreatectomy Pancreas
Pericardiectomy Pericardium
Pneumonectomy Lung
Polypectomy Polyp
Prostatectomy Prostate gland
Salpingectomy Fallopian tube
Salpingo oophorectomy
Sequestrectomy Necrotic bone
Splenectomy Spleen
Stapedectomy Staples
Sympathectomy Sympathetic nerve
Thromboendarterectomy Clot and lining of artery
Thyroidectomy Thyroid gland
Tonsillectomy Tonsils
Hepatotomy Liver
Hysterotomy Uterus
Laparotomy Abdominal cavity
Arthrotomy Joint
Cardiotomy Heart
Cholecystotomy Gallbladder
Choledochotomy Common bile duct
Cholelithotomy Gallbladder to remove stone
Chordotomy Spinal cord
Colpotomy Vagina
Commissurotomy Cusps of heart valve
Craniotomy Brain
Duodenotomy Duodenum
Lithotomy Duct or organ to remove stone
Myringotomy Duct Tympanic membrane
Osteotomy Bone
Phlebotomy Vein
Pyelolithotomy Kidney to remove stone
Pyloromyotomy Muscle of pylorus of stomach
Scalenotomy Scaleni muscles
Sphincterotomy Sphincter muscle
Thoracotomy Chest
Tracheotomy Trachea
Vagotomy Vagus nerve
Valvulotomy Heart Valve
Coloporrhaphy Vagina
Arthoplasty Joint
Blepharoplasty Eyelid
Colpoplasty Vagina
Herniaplasty Hernia
Pyloroplasty Pylorus or stomach
Rhinoplasty Nose
Salpingoplasty, Tuboplasty Fallopian tube
Thoracoplasty Chest
Tympanoplasty Middle ear
Z-plasty Skin
Antrostomy Nosoantral window
Herniorrhaphy Hernia
Perinerorrhaphy Perineum
Tenorrhaphy Tendon
Arthroscopy joint
Cholecystoenterostomy Gallbladder and intestine
Cholecystojejunostomy Gallbladder and jejunum
Choledochojejunostomy Common bile duct and jejunum
Choledochostomy Common bile duct
Colostomy Colon
Duodenoduodenostomy Two portions of duodenum
Enterostomy Intestine
Gastroenterostomy Stomach and intestine
Gastrojejunostomy Stomach and jejunum
Ileostomy Ileum
Jejunostomy Jejunum
Nephrostomy Kidney
Thoracostomy Chest
Tracheostomy Trachea
Ureterosigmoidostomy Ureter and sigmoid colon
Hysteropexy Uterus
Bronchoscopy Lung
Choledochoscopy Common bile duct
Colonoscopy Colon from ileocecal valve to anus
Colposcopy Vagina and cervix
Culdoscopy Cul-de-sac to retrouterine space
Cystoscopy Urinary bladder
Esophagoscopy Esophagus
Gastroscopy Stomach
Laparoscopy Abdominal and pelvic organs
Laryngoscopy Larynx
Mediastinoscopy Mediastinal spaces in chest cavity
Nephroscopy Kidney
Peritoneoscopy Peritoneum
Proctoscopy Anus
Sigmoidoscopy Sigmoid colon and rectum
Urethroscopy Urethra
Nephropexy Kidney
Orchiopexy or Orchidopexy Testicle
Salpingopexy Fallopian tube
Ureteropexy Ureter
Abdominoperineal resection Removal of rectum
Amputation Removal of a portion or all of the arm or leg; excision of other appendage such as uterine cervix.
Anastomosis Surgical joining of two organs or surfaces such as blood vessels or intestine
Arthodesis Surgical fusion of a joint
Arthrodesis, triple Surgical fusion of three joints of ankle
Biopsy Removal of tissue for diagnostic purposes
Bypass graft Surgical creation of a diversion for the bloodstream by suturing a graft to blood vessel so that blood bypasses an obstructed or weakened portion of the vessel.
Cesarean section Abdominal delivery of infant via incision in uterus
Cauterization; conization Use of electric current to destroy or remove tissue
Circumcision Excision of foreskin of penis
Closure of colostomy Closure of opening previously made in colon to empty bowel content outside abdomen.
D&C or D&E (Dilation and curettage or evacuation) Operation to dilate uterine cervix and scrape lining of uterus or empty contents or uterus
Decompression Surgical relief of pressure, such as intracranial
Disarticulation Amputation of an arm or leg at a joint
Enucleation Removal of eyeball
Episiotomy Surgical incision into perineum to prevent tears during childbirth
Evisceration Removal of viscera or internal organs; removal of contents of eyeball
Palliative operation An operation done to relieve symptoms rather than cure
Pelvic exenteration Radial removal of contents of pelvis
Portacaval shunt Surgical creation of anastomosis between portal and caval veins
Skin graft Transfer of skin from one site to another to improve function or appearance
Splenorenal shunt Surgical creation of anastomosis between splenic and renal veins
T&A Excision of tonsils and adenoids
Vein ligation and stripping Tying off and removing a major blood vessel for treatment of varicose veins.
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