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Anatomy Q3

Lymphatic & Immune Systems

drains excess fluid from body lymphatic system
main structures of the lymphatic system lymphatic vessels
main components of the immune system lymphocytes, lymphoid tissue, lymphoid organs
excess fluid lymph
_____ _____ collect lymph from loose connective tissue lymphatic vessels
lymphatic vessels carry fluid to great veins in the ____ neck
lymph flows only ____ the heart toward
order of lymphatic vessels 1. lymph capillaries 2. lymphatic collecting vessels 3. lymph nodes 4. lymph trunks 5. lymph ducts
smallest lymphatic vessels & first receive lymph lymph capillaries
collect from lymph capillaries lymphatic collecting vessels
scattered along lymphatic collecting vessels lymph nodes
collect lymph from collecting vessels lymph trunks
lymphatic vessels that empty into the veins of the neck lymph ducts
function of lymphatic vessels collect excess tissue fluid & blood proteins; return tissue fluid & blood proteins to bloodstream
lymph capillaries have _____ permeability high
lymph capillaries have ______ volume of tissue fluid increased
lymph capillaries are located near ____ ____ blood capillaries
fatty lymph chyle
specialized lymphatic capillaries lacteals
lymphatic collecting vessels accompany ____ ____ blood vessels
lymphatic collecting vessels have 3 ____ tunics (just like blood vessels)
lymphatic collecting vessels contain ____ valves more
lymph is propelled by... 1. bulging of skeletal muscles 2. pulsing of nearby arteries 3. tunica media of the lymph vessels
Which tunic helps propel lymph? tunica media
cleanse the lymph of pathogens lymph nodes
the human body contains approximately ___ lymph nodes 500
lymph nodes are organized in _____ clusters
lymph nodes are located along ____ ____ lymphatic vessels
lymphatic collecting vessels converge to form ____ ____ lymph trunks
receive lymph from lower limbs lumbar trunks
receive chyle from digestive organs intestinal trunk
collects lymph from thoracic viscera bronchomediastinal trunks
receive lymph from upper limbs & thoracic wall subclavian trunks
drain lymph from the head & neck jugular trunks
how many lumbar trunks? 2
how many intestinal trunks? 1
how many bronchomedistinal trunks? 2
how many subclavian trunks? 2
how many jugular trunks? 2
lymph duct located at the union of the lumbar & intestinal trunks cisterna chyli
lymph duct that ascends along vertebral bodies thoracic duct
lymph duct that empties into venous circulation thoracic duct
lymph duct that drains 75% of the body thoracic duct
lymph duct at the junction of left internal jugular & left subclavian veins thoracic duct
largest lymph duct thoracic duct
lymph duct that everyone has thoracic duct
recognizes specific foreign molecules, destroys pathogens effectively, and includes lymphoid tissue & organs immune system
key cells in immune system lymphocytes
infectious organisms are attacked by ____ response inflammatory
become plasma cells & secrete antibodies B lymphocytes
destroy antigen-bearing cells cytotoxic T lymphocytes
where are lymphocytes located? in blood & lymphatic system (in the plasma)
lymphocytes originate in the ___ bone marrow red
T lymphocytes travel to & mature in the ____ _____ thymus gland
B lymphocytes mature in the ____ ____ bone marrow
B & T lymphocytes are activated by a(n) _____ _____ antigenic encounter
short-lived lymphocytes that attack immediately effector lymphocytes
lymphocytes that wait until the body encounters their antigen attack memory lymphocytes
basis of acquired immunity memory lymphocytes
most important tissue of the immune system lymphoid tissue
two general locations of lymphoid tissue mucous membranes of digestive, urinary, respiratory & reproductive tracts & lymphoid organs
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue MALT
MALT mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue
designed to gather & destroy infectious microorganisms lymphoid organs
5 lymphoid organs 1. tonsils 2. thymus 3. spleen 4. aggregated lymphoid nodules 5. appendix
secretes thymic hormones thymus
location of T lymphocyte maturation thymus
most antigenic challenges occur in ____ ____ lymph nodes
largest lymphoid organ spleen
removes blood-borne antigens (white pulp) and removes & destroys old/defective blood cells (red pulp) spleen
site of hematopoiesis in the fetus spleen
blood cell formation hematopoiesis
simplest lymphoid organs tonsils
4 groups of tonsils 1. palatine 2. lingual 3. pharyngeal 4. tubal
tonsils are arranged in a ____ to gather & remove pathogens ring
underlying lamina propria consists of ____ MALT
the largest tonsils palatine
tonsils most often infected in childhood palatine
abundant in the walls of intestines MALT
generate a wide variety of memory lymphocytes aggregated lymphoid nodules & appendix
Peyer's patches aggregated lymphoid nodules
located in the distal part of the small intestine Peyer's patches
tubular offshoot of the cecum appendix
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