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トフル あかい 10

cope deal with, overcome
vital essential, cardinal, constitutive
pupil smaller students
concrete relating to or involving specific people, things, or actions rather than general ideas or qualities
incentive stimulus, something that encourages a person to do something or to work harder
definite not likely to change : already set or decided
assumption something that is believed to be true or probably true but that is not known to be true : something that is assumed
mediate to work with opposing sides in an argument or dispute in order to get an agreement
capital money, property, etc., that is used to start or operate a business
offense something that causes a person to be hurt, angry, or upset
instill to gradually cause someone to have (an attitude, feeling, etc.)
execute to kill (someone) especially as punishment for a crime: to do (something that you have planned to do or been told to do)
conspire to secretly plan with someone to do something that is harmful or illegal — often followed by to + verb
pilot to steer or guide
throne the special chair for a king, queen, or other powerful person
overthrow to remove (someone or something) from power especially by force
coup an impressive victory or achievement that usually is difficult or unexpected
allege to state without definite proof that someone has done something wrong or illegal
defendant a person who is being sued or accused of a crime in a court of law
seize to use legal or official power to take (something): to take or use (something, such as a chance or opportunity) in a quick and eager way
arson the illegal burning of a building or other property : the crime of setting fire to something
bribe to try to get someone to do something by giving or promising something valuable (such as money)
relapse to become ill again after a period of improvement in health
estate all of the things that a person owns
committee a group of people who are chosen to do a particular job or to make decisions about something
acquisition the act of getting or acquiring something: the act of obtaining money, possessions, etc
Created by: na235
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