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Gram Negative Bacilli

H. influenza Hemophilus Influenzae
Immunization for H. influenzae HIB - Hemophilus influenza type B
H. ducreyi STD
H. aegyptius Pinkeye or Conjuctivitis
Gardnerella vaginalis BV - bacterial vaginalis
"clue cells" Squamous cells - covered with tiny gram neg rods bacilli.
Bordetella pertussis Whooping Cough
"P" in DTaP Pertussis
enteric bacilli inhabit or cause disease in the intestines
Enterobacteriaceae Characteristics All Gram Negative Bacille, Aerobic, Motile or non-motile, Oxydate Negative, Ferment Glucose.
What grows on an EMB plate? Only Gram Negative, Rods/Bacilli
What is EMB eosin methylene blue
What is inhibited from growing on EMB Gram Positive (only grows gram negative)
What does Escherichia coli look like on EMB? Metalaic Sheen
E. Coli UTI and infant diarrhea
coliform count indicates the fecal contamination of water
Shigella dysenteriae Bacilli dysentery/Interic pathogen
Where does Shigella primarily cause disease? In the intestines - not the blood
Shigella transmitted? Oral/fecal route
Salmonella typhosa Typhoid Fever Intestine - Lymph - Blood
S. typhosa transmitted? Oral/fecal route
food associated with Salmonella Poultry & eggs
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