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Vocabulary 1-35

Attentive Pure, Clean
Misgivings Feelings of doubt, mistrust
Repugnant Disgusting, revolting
Vigilant To keep a watchful eye
Scurry To move quickly
Tactic a plan
Impending about to happen
Meticulous showing extreme care or detail
Dismal causing gloom; dreary
Ominous Threatening; indicating future event
Stamina Power to endure disease or fatigue
Banish to expel or send away
Grueling exhausting
Attentive thoughtful of others; observant
Annihilate to defeat completely
Gusto enjoyment or vigor in doing something
Outlandish looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar
Conspicuous standing out so as to be clearly visable
Eavesdropping to listen secretly to what is said in private
Jabber talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense
Vulnerable Capable of being wounded, open to attack
Imperious Domineering arrogant, or overbearing
Cunning Skilled in a deceiving manner
Meander To walk aimlessly
Debris Remains of anything broken or destroyed
Potential Possible or capable
Recuperate to recover from sickness, financial loss, to restore health
Skeptical Having or showing doubt denying or questioning beliefs
Foresight care or provisions for the future act of looking forward
Brandish To shake or wave;flourish
Disdain to look upon with threat or contempt to despise or think unworthy of notice
Zeal Fervor( over enthusiasm) for a person, cause, or object
Recluse A person who lives apart from society, shut off or apart from the world To live in seclusion
Havoc N. Great destruction, damage V to work havoc upon, devastate
Created by: MissMumley