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Unit 4 vocabulary

Demcocray is a form of government in which the people rule by making decision themselves and by electing leaders to make decision for them.
Consumer someone who pays money for a good or services .
Producer is a person or business who makes and sells a good or services to others.
Free Enterprise allows people to start and run a business with a limited government control.
Interdependence people in each place depend the others for products and resources.
State Department uses diplomacy to help the president settle conflicts and makes treaties with other nation.
service industry A business that does that does things for people instead of making products.
market A place where to buy and sell goods.
export products that are sent to other countries.
import Products that are received from others countries.
technology Is a new scientific knowledge or tools to make or do something.
Trade off Is giving up on thing to get something else.
opportunity cost The thing that you give up.
diplomany The practice of working with other government to reach agreements.
diversity The many difference are due to a persons race, religion
tradition is an idea or way of doing something that is handed down from the past.
ethnic group Is a group of people from the same country,of the same race,or with a shared culture.
folk Is a term for stories,music,art,and objects passed down among people in a community or region.
Created by: Carlene