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AH2 Review Units 5-6

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution This allowed Johnson to send troops to Vietnam
Guerilla Warfare Surprise attacks with quick retreats
Containment Policy to prevent communism from spreading
Central Intelligence Agency Agency to collect information on overseas enemies of the US
Soviet Union This country put a blockade around West Berlin
Berlin German capital that was divided into sections
Iron Curtain Division between democratic western Europe and communist eastern Europe
Cold War Conflict that does NOT include actual military combat
United Nations Developed after WWII to help countries deal with future conflicts and avoid war
Israel Country formed by United Nations to provide a homeland for the Jews
Marshall Plan Plan that gave European countries nearly $13 billion in financial aid to help European countries
Pearl Harbor Attacked by Japan in 1941; led to US entering WWII
Long term causes of WWII Rise of authoritarian leaders, economic depression; resentment of Treaty of Versailles
Created by: karen.pharr
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