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Chapter 20

Cultural Diffusion in Japan

Where did the government ideas and consepts originate? China
What were the three laws/ideas that came from Chinese ideas? Seventeen Article Constitution; Taika Reforms; Aristocracy
Where did the City design consepts originate? China
What was the basis of the city design knowledge? It was from the plan/layout of Chang'an
What were the similarities and differences of this layout? It was a checkerboard plan, but Chang'an had a wall to protect themselves, the Nara did not.
Where did the written language basis originate? China
Why did they adopt the characters of Chinese writing? Their language was mostly spoken so the writing of important documents and mail caused conflict in which they solved by adopting Kanji and creating Kana
What was the kind of poem the Japanese adopted and wrote? A poem with 31 syllables organized in lines of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7
Which countries did the art of sculptures come from? India to China and Korea then to Japan
What was the inspiration of these sculptures? The people's strong beleif in Buddhism in the mainland reflected in their art of the Buddha
What were some of the adaptations of the sculptures in Japan? The Buddha was eveolved into and even more intricate statue with various hand positions and facial expressions/features
How did the religion get to Japan? Through Korea by way of China
What religion was adopted? Buddhism
Did all of the Japanese people convert to this religion by force? No, they were not forced to believe in either religion, but both were believed in
How did architecture make it to Japan? From India, to China, to Japan
What was the most important building design that was adopted? Pagodas, a building for religious relics with 3,5,7, or 9 tiers
What changed/evolved from this? They made their own permanent building for relics that reflected society and nature
Where did some of their music come from? It was imported from all parts of Asia
Because of these new musical arts, what did they need? New instruments
What got dramatically changed when these musical instuments arrived? Very few changes were made on the instuments or the music, but the Chinese Sheng was changed to the Japanese Sho
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