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Cold War

Sputnik Soviet satellite; 1st into space; 1957
Nasa 1958
Yuri Gagarin 1st person in space;Soviet
John Glenn Ohioan; 1st US person in space
Apollo 2 American are 1st to moon
Operation Paperclip Nazi rocket scientists into US
MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction) Theory Once country sends a rocket, and the other country sends one back at a rapid pace
SDI- Strategic Defense Initiative(Star Wars) pushed Soviets to end Cold War
1949 USSR tests first atomic bomb; USA tests first hydrogen bomb; starts arms race
Regan Most aggressive and outspoken leader; created SDI; “Evil Empire”; raising budget for defense; wants to end Cold War; great communicator; national debt
Kennedy most aggressive president outside of Regan
Castro Revolutionary- turned prime minister in 1959
Bay of Pigs- April, 1961 attempt to use CIA sponsored cuban militants to overthrow Castro-Failed
Cuban Missile Crisis- USSR stations missiles in Cuba, 13 day crisis brings world to brink of nuclear war; USSR eventually agrees to remove missiles if US removes missiles in Turkey
Quarantine/Blockade US ships surround Cuba; allowing nothing in or out; called “quarantine” because blockade is an act of war
Hasso Herschel- ex- nazi Hitler youth; helps people get to West Berlin from East Berlin; by tunnel and car; saves about 1,000 people
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed because they sent info about the A-Bomb to a Soviet spy and were caught; death by electric chair
Miracle on Ice- US Hockey beat USSR in 1980; beat them in semi finals; David vs Goliath
1972 Olympics- USSR def. USA- 1st loss by US in Olympic basketball
Olympic Boycott 1980 Moscow, US boycotts; 1984 Los Angeles, USSR boycotts; US boycotted because of invasion of Afghanistan
Project Azorian US sponsored operation along with Howard Hughes; retrieve Soviet sub K-129 which sank in the Pacific
Charlie Wilson- US congressman from Texas; secures funding for Afghanistan in their battle against the Soviet Union; trying to contain Soviets
Warsaw Pact Soviets response in creating groups with a group of their own
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