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What does SLANT mean? Sit in front;Lean forward;Ask questions;Nod your head;Talk to teacher
What is the process for calculating GPA? Convert number grades to letter grades;Convert letter grades to letter values.add all;divide by the amount of grades
What is the purpose of a 6 year academic plan? to plan what classes you are going to have
What is the difference between short term,mid range, and long term goals? SHORT-RANGE-2 months or less MID-RANGE-9 months - 6 months LONG-RANGE-1 year or more
What clubs are considered leadership clubs? Student Government and FBLA
What are some good public speaking techniques? making eye contact,standing straight,using visual aids,and volume control
Give an example of nonverbal communication. Gesture, Nod,Wink
Why does pre-writing make you a better writer? It organizes your ideas
What is the purpose of the hook? to intrigue the reader
What is a cliche? overused idea, that is so overused it’s lost its meaning
What is the purpose of having context clues? to help you determine the meaning of a word
Main Idea-=_________+__________ Topic Sentence + Authors Point of View
When marking the text you circle _________ _________ and underline the __________ ________ When marking the text you circle key words and underline the main idea
What is the difference between a level 1,level 2, and level 3 question Level 1 is a fact,Level 2 is a multistep with fact, and Level 3 is a multistep with your opinion
What is the purpose of collaborating during tutorials? to ask questions of your peers
What is the difference in a Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chairs? Socratic Seminar is a discussion Philosophical chairs is a debate.
What is the desired outcome of a Socratic Seminar and Philosophical Chair? to break down a text
What does the C in Cornell way stand for? Create Format
How can you use the binder check to help you set goals for the upcoming binder check? To improve on areas of weakness
What is a summary? Brief statement of the main points of something
What are some good test taking tips? Analyze how you did on a similar test in the past.Arrive early for tests.Be comfortable but alert.Read directions carefully!Answer questions in a strategic order.Review! if you have time.
What are student responsibilities on field trips? Listening Observing Evaluating Note-taking
How does SLANT help you learn? it hold every student accountable for their own learning
What is an analysis? detailed examination
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