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Chapter 13 President

Term for the President as commander of the nation’s armed forces Commander-in-chief
Group of persons chosen in each State and the District of Columbia every 4 yrs. who make a formal selection of the Pres. and VP Electoral College
Votes cast by electors in the Electoral College Electoral Votes
Speech given at a party convention to set the tone for the convention and the campaign to come Keynote Address
Meeting at which a party’s delegates vote to pick their presidential and vice presidential candidates National Convention
A political party’s formal statement of basic principles, stands on major issues, and objectives Platform
A person elected by the voters to represent them in making a formal selection of the VP and Pres. Presidential Electors
An election in which a party’s voters 1) choose State party organization’s delegates to their party’s national convention and/or 2) express a preference to their party’s presidential nomination Presidential Primary
Scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled Presidential Succession
This person is second in line to succeed the president Speaker of the House
This person is next in line to succeed the president VP
This is the required number of electoral votes to win the presidency 270
This is the number of electors that Virginia has. 13
This is the maximum number of terms that a president may be elected. 2 terms
This is the length of 1 presidential term. 4 yrs.
This is the body that chooses the President if no candidate reaches enough electoral votes. House of Representatives
This is the amendment that provided for presidential succession. 25th Amendment
This is the amendment that limited the number of terms a president may serve. 22nd Amendment
On Election Day, who are the people voting for when they vote for the office of the presidency? Electors
Describe the general purpose and events that take place at the party’s national convention. Choose Pres./VP, bring party back together, adopt party platform, mobilize support for party, many speeches
Name 8 roles of the President. Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief of Party, Chief Citizen
List the 4 ways that a president may be succeeded. Death, Disability, Resignation, Removed
List the 3 formal qualifications necessary to become President. 35 yrs. old, natural born citizen, lived in US 14 yrs.
List the 2 formal duties of the Vice President (as listed in the Constitution) Preside over the Senate, help decide the question of disability
List things that the President receives as compensation. $400,000/yr., White House, Camp David, Air Force One, Free medical care, Travel expenses
List 3 characteristics that make a candidate “electable.” Served in a political office, Protestants, Come from larger states, Good health, married, attractive family, Eloquent speaking abilities
What developed the national convention system for nominating presidential candidates? the two major parties
How many presidential electors does each state have? The number of electors is the same as the number of each state’s senators and representatives.
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