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Uncle Julio's Menu


Modifiers A modifier is detailed information regarding type, size, temperature, adding additional product, presentation & preparation of menu item. It is a set of instructions that allows us to prepare the exact item that a guest wants. (Mandatory or Voluntary)
Mandatory Modifiers A mandatory modifier is a must have piece of information so we can prepare the item correctly. Mandatory modifiers for each item are listed on the MENU MATRIX. You must know what the mandatory modifiers are for each item
Voluntary Modifiers A voluntary modifier is a piece of information that is only needed if the guest requests the modification to their menu item. Voluntary modifier rules are listed below. We try to satisfy each of our guests but we have to limit voluntary modifiers to
Voluntary Modifiers maintain our standards. When you enter the order into the Register System, permissible voluntary modifiers are available. If you cannot modify the item using the register system, then we cannot honor the guest's request. Exception: rushed items, manager
Voluntary Modifier Rule 1: Extra Product Rule Extra Charge Rule: Using modifier ADD Each of our menu items is prepared using a specific recipe & is composed of many items using exact portions. The price of the item is based on the recipe used & the portion size of all component items on a plate.
Voluntary Modifier Rule 1: Extra Product Rule cont. When a guest requests extra amount of product on their plate, there may be an extra charge for the additional amount of product. Very important that you know what items we charge for. Below is a list of what incurs an extra charge & how to accomplish it
Meat, Poultry, Seafood Any item containing meat, poultry or seafood as a component or as the main ingredient will incur an extra charge for increased portion size. Use the modifier ADD & the ingredient following: See EXTRA menu
Main Ingredient - Increased Portion Size An extra charge is incurred for an increase in the portion size of the main ingredient. The additional amount is sold as a side, a single or specified incremental amount We never add extra alcohol to any drink. The guest may order a double drink
Number of items Each menu item is priced based on portion size or number of items on a plate. Extra items will incur an extra charge. Use the modifier ADD & the ingredient following Extra menu
AdditionL Items We can add specific items to a menu item if it is not on the plate. Below is a list of additional items. Use the modifier ADD & the ingredient following Extra menu
Accompaniments The following will incur an extra charge for additional amounts: guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, beans. For additional amount, use the Side & Single Menu. Do not use ADD. To Exchange 1 for another. see substitution section
Doubles The only item that we serve doubles aerates that are not frozen. When a guest orders a double item, you should sell them the requested item plus a shot of the main liquor in the item ordered (2 separate drinks). 2 may be mixed together to create 1 drink
No Charge Rule: Using Modifier EXTRA We can add extra product for any item on a plate w/ the exceptions listed above (Extra Charge Rule). There is no extra charge for this kind of modifier. Use the modifier EXTRA & the Ingredient following it
Plate Modifiers Plate Modifiers are used to designate how many empty plates need to be sent to the table. This is a very important modifier when guests share an entree. For specific items, plate modifiers are considered to be mandatory.
Plate Modifiers cont. All of our entrees are presented on plates that the guests can eat directly from. If 1 guest is ordering an item, it is not necessary to add an extra plate. They can eat directly off the entree plate. This will prevent table clutter.
Voluntary Modifier Rule 2: General Voluntary Modifiers Deleting an item on a plate: Using modifier NO At the guest request, we can delete any item off a plate. There is no discount given when deleting an item. Use the modifier NO w/ the ingredient following it
Mix Rule If the item that is to be deleted part of a premixed component, the whole mix must be deleted.
Putting an item on the side: Use modifier SIDE (Mix Rule cont) Any item can be placed on the side if the guest request. use the SIDE as the modifier w/ the ingredient after
Putting less of an item on the plate: Using modifier LITTLE (Mix Rule cont) The portion size of an item can be reduced at the guest's requests. Use LITTLE as the modifier w/ the ingredient following it
Putting an item on top of something: Using modifier ON TOP (Mix Rule cont) Any item can be placed on top of some other item if the guest requests. Use the ON TOP modifier w/ the ingredient following
Substituting an item for another: Use modifier SUB (Mix Rule cont) If a guest requests, we can substitute some items for another. See Substitution Section. A permissible substitution will have its own button w/ the word SUB in front of the item. If there is an additional charge, the POS will automatically charge
Voluntary Modifier Rule 3: Using the SUB Modifier The SUB modifier is used when you want to replace an item w/ a different item. To maintain our quality & service standards, we have to limit the use of the SUB modifier.
Frijoles a la charra Refried Beans - SUB Refried Rice - NO Bean SUB Rice
Rice Frijoles a la charra - NO Rice SUB Beans Refried Beans - NO Rice SUB Refried
Guacamole Sour Cream - NO Guac SUB Sr Cream Pico de Gallo - NO Guac SUB Pico White Cheese - NO Guac SUB Wh Cheese Yellow Cheese - NO Guac SUB Yel Cheese H/H Cheese - NO Guac SUB H/H Cheese
Sour Cream Guacomole - NO Sr Cream SUB Guac Pico de Gallo - NO Sr Cream SUB Pico White Cheese - NO Sr Cream SUB WH Cheese Yellow Cheese - NO Sr Cream SUB Yel Cheese H/H Cheese - NO Sr Cream SUB H/H Cheese
Pico de Gallo Guacamole - NO Pico SUB Sr Cream Sour Cream - NO Pico SUB Sr Cream White Cheese - NO Pico SUB Wh Cheese Yellow Cheese - NO Pic SUB Yel Cheese H/H Cheese - No Pico SUB H/H Cheese
Fresh JalapeƱos Pickled JalapeƱos - No Japs SUB Pk Japs
Seasonal Fruit Rice - NO Fruit SUB Rice Beans - NO Fruit SUB Beans
Enchilada Sauce SUB El Paso - To replace standard sauce w/ El Paso Style Red Sauce SUB Tomatillo - To replace standard sauce w/ Tomatillo Sauce SUB Sr Cream - To replace standard sauce w/ sour cream sauce
Enchilada Sauce cont. SUB Beef - To replace standard sauce w/ beef sauce SUB Queso - To replace standard sauce w/ Chile Con Queso
Enchilada Cheese SUB Wh Cheese - To replace standard cheese w/ white cheese SUB Yel Cheese - to replace standard cheese w/ yellow cheese
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