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Uncle Julio's Menu

Julio's Cantina Concept

Blanco Blanco Tequila is Tequila in its purest form. It is the product of the fermentation & then distillation processes w/o the effects of any barrel aging. Blanco tequila has been aged for less than 60 days.
Blanco cont. Almost all producers of Blanco Tequilas will store the tequila in stainless steel tanks as opposed to wooden barrels to prevent any flavor from transferring to the tequila. Thus creating the purest product possible.
Gold Gold Tequila is an unnamed or Blanco Tequila to which additive or colors & flavors are mixed in after the distillation process. Since distillation renders a clear product, the tequila has to take on a color by some means another than aging it in wood.
Gold cont. The object is to simulate the effects that aging would have had on the product.
Reposado Reposed translated literally means, "rested." Reposed Tequila must be aged in wood barrels for at least 60 days. The aging period of Reposed typically ranges anywhere from 2 months to 9 months. Aging affects the appearance, the nose or aroma
Reposado cont. as well as the taste of the tequila. The specific change depends on the type of wood used & the length of time aged. Technically speaking the effect of the aging process is to oxidize the alcohols that change the chemical structure & make the product soft
Anejo Anjou translated means "aged." Anjou Tequila must be aged for a minimum of 1 year & it must be aged in government - sealed barrels that are no longer than 600 liters. Typically the barrels used are old 190 liter whisky barrels from Kentucky.
Anajor cont. As a result of the lengthy aging period, Anejo has a color that is darker than a Reposed & a nose & flavor that is even smoother & mellower
Tequila Tequila is a distilled spirit that is made from a plant whose technical name is the Agave Tequilana Weber, blue variety. The more common name is "Blue Agave." Tequila is a beverage of a particular place. Not only must it be produced in Mexico.
Tequila cont. But also more specifically, it can only be produced in 1 of 5 approved regions of Mexico. Uncle julio's serves 4 types of Tequila: Blanco, Gold, Reposed, & Anejo
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