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Uncle Julio's Menu

Off The Menu Items

Item Description
Dairy Allergies Dairy products are used in the creation of many items. It exists in many forms throughout our kitchen. We make no claim that our products are 100% dairy free, however the following items are not specifically made w/ any dairy products....
Diary Allergies cont. & are commonly ordered by guests w/ similar allergies
Appetizers: Any of our guacamole - NO CHEESE, ceviche royale, & tortilla soup
Entrees Beef fajitas, chicken fajitas - NO BUTTER, Carne Asada/Pechuga de Pollo -NO BUTTER, Camarones Diablo - NO BUTTER, Slow smoked pork ribs, Beef enchiladas - NO CHEESE, Chicken enchiladas - NO CHEESE - ONLY GREEN SAUCE, & Crispy tacos - NO CHEESE
Desserts No good options. All desserts are assembled w/ some quantity of dairy involved
Peanut Allergy There are no peanuts/peanut oil in any product in our kitchen. We do use pecans in our Cajeta & pine nuts in some fish specials.
Fish/Shellfish Allergy Our fish & shell fish are grilled on the same surface as all of our mesquite grilled items as listed on the menu. Better recommendations would be found within our tex-med classics & traditional items
Gluten We make no claims that our kitchen is gluten free. In fact, wheat flour is used in the production process found throughout our kitchen. I can, however recommend some items that are not specifically created w/ gluten products.....
Gluten cont. & are often ordered by guests w/ sensitivity to gluten. *Menu items w/ a GF printed next to them indicate that they are Glutent Friendly *A Gluten Friendly Menu is offered in all other regions
Food Allergies A food allergy is defined as an adverse immune response to a food protien. Food allergies are distinct from other adverse responses to food, such as food intolerance, pharmacological reactions, & toxin-medicate reactions.
Food Allergies cont. These actions can range from mild to severe. Allergic responses include dermatitis, gastrointestinal & respiratory distress, including life-threatening anaphylactic responses, these require immediate emergency intervention.
Top 10 US Food Allergy Dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc), sesame, shellfish & other seafood, soy, & wheat
Food Allergy cont. If a guest require about a menu item & do indeed have an allergy, get a manager immediately to assist the guest. "Allow me to bring a manager to the table so that he/she may help guide you through the items that would be safer for you to order."
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