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Chapter 15 Sec.1-4

Arely Lopez

What is the definition of vast? a very large area
Who wanted the title of emperor? Charlemagne
What did Pope Gregory VII do to Henry IV ? he excommunicated him
What does the pope have authority of? church and secular leaders
What is the definition coronation? a crowning ceremony
Who can remove the pope from power? the emperor
What is a document? a written or printed paper
Who introduced a strong feudal system to Norman barons? William the Conqueror
What happened on September 1066? the Normans invaded
What is a baron? a member of the lowest grade of nobility
Why did Pope Urban The Second call for a crusade? to free the Holy Land from the Turks
What was common law based on? custom and judges decisions
What language or languages became the language of law, culture, and government? French and Latin
What are two ideas taht Pope Urban linked? holy war and pilgrimage
What was the Inquisition? a church designed to investigate and judge heretics
Why did the pope call for a crusade? to free the holy land
What did Crusaders return home with? silk and spices
What year did the Turks conquer Jerusalem? 1071
What is a crusade? a holy war
What were three subjects that students studied at Córdoba? music, medicine, and philosophy
What were Moors? Muslims in Spain
What was the Muslim capital in the tenth century? Andalusia
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important? it united Spain's largest kingdoms
Why were early Moorish rulers in Spain tolerant of Judaism and Christianity? the Qur'an spiritually encouraged tolerance
Created by: arelyl1