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Emmanuel Edejer

Chapter 15

Who crowned Charlemagne emperor? Pope Leo III
How did Charlemagne support Pope Leo III? By protecting him form invaders
When was Charlemagne crowned emperor? Christmas day, 800
The Pope has supreme authority over what leaders? Church and secular leaders
What can the emperor name? His bishops
Who has the power to choose bishops? The Pope
Who became king of England in 1066? Harold
Who fought in the battle of Hastings? The English and the Normans
Who won the battle? The Normans
Who was crowned king after the Battle? William
What became the language of law in England? French and Latin
King John reclaimed what? The rule of Normandy in France
What did King John have to do to form an army? Raise taxes
What year did the Turks conquer Jerusalem? In 1071
What are Crusades? Christian religious wars
What did the crusaders come home with? Silk and spices
Prom where did the crusaders get no support? From local population in Pealestine
What was the inquisition? It was a church court
What were the armies made of? Knights
What were Spanish Muslims known as? They were known as Moors
What did the capital city have? Mosques, book shops, The Great Library, and public baths
What did the capital city houses have? Mosaic floors, gardens, fountains
Where did students flock to? Córdoba
What were Muslims tolerant of? Jews and Christians
Non Muslims had to? Follow certain rules and pay special taxes
When did Muslim rule decline? In 1002
Created by: emmanuee3