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Jason Ramirez

Chapter 15

Who made Charlemagne emperor? Pope Leo III.
How did Charlemagne Help Pope Leo III? He helped him by protecting him from enemies and invaders and supported him.
On what day was Charlemagne crowned emperor? Christmas Day, 800.
What did Pope Gregory VII believe the pope was supposed to have supreme power over of? Over Church and Non-Church leader.
How did emperor Henri IV ignore Pope Gregory's rule? He named his own bishop for the city of Milan.
What did Pope Gregory do to Emperor Henri as punishment? He excommunicated Emperor Henri IV.
What three Men Claimed the throne after Edward the Confessor Died? Harold, William, and the Norwegian king.
Who ended up being King? Harold Goodwin.
Who fought in the Battle of Hastings? Normans and Anglo-Saxons.
What did King William introduce? Strong Feudal System.
What did rebellious barons force eking John to sign? The Magna Carta
Who won the battle of Hasting? Angle Saxons.
What was the common law based on? Custom and judges decisions.
Why weren't Christian pilgrims allowed to go to Jerusalem? When Seljuk Turks Jerusalem and 1071 frequent harassment of Christian pilgrims.
Why did the Byzantine Emperor ask Pope Urban the second for help? Seljuk Turks marched to Constantinople.
How many Crusader states were there in 1099? there were four.
How many crusades were successful? Only one the rest were as successful.
What is heresy? Is a belief that is not allowed by official church doctrine.
Why did King John sign the Magna Carta? Because he was forced by novels.
Why were Moorish rulers tolerant to Judaism and Christianity? Because the Quran encourages tolerance.
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important? It united Spain's largest kingdoms.
When did Muslims and Jews ordered to leave Spain and Portugal. In 1502.
Created by: JasonR1