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Julian Mata

ch.15 sec. 1,2,3,and 4

What conquest transformed Europe? The Norman Conquest
What was central to most people's lives? The Christian Church.
What greater title did Charlemagne want? "Emperor"
Why did Pope Leo III leave to Rome? He was threatened by his rivals.
What strengthened the church's power in Western Europe? The coronation of Charlemagne.
Who were the German lands divided among after the fall of Charlemagne's empire? Dukes.
What did Pope gregory VII issue? A list of rules declaring had authority over all church and nonchurch leaders.
Who led each side in the battle of Hastings? William duke of Normandy and Harold Godwin.
Who did the Normans descend from? The Vikings.
Who won the battle of Hastings? The Normans.
Who was crowned in 1199? King John.
What did king John lose control of in 1204? His French land.
What did the Magna Carta also produce? The English Parliament.
When did the Muslims capture the Holy Land in Palestine? In 1076.
What is a pilgrim? A religious person who travels to a religious place or shrine.
When did the Seljuk Turks conquer Jerusalem? In 1071.
Why did the pope call for a crusade? To free the Holy Land from the Turks?
What kind of people did the children's crusade attract? Poor people of all ages.
What is Heresy? A belief that is not allowed by official church doctrine.
What were Spanish Muslims known as? Moors.
What was the Magna Carta? A list of laws.
What was Europe's largest city in the 10th century? Córdoba.
What did students flee to Córdoba to study? Music,medicine, and philosophy.
Why did queen Isabella and king Ferdinand get married? It united Spain's largest kingdoms.
What were the two groups that had been ordered to leave Spain and Portugal? Jews and Muslims.
Created by: julianm3