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Chapter 15 Test

Jordyn Garrett

Why did Charlemagne want the title "emperor"? According to Roman belief, this gave the ruler a special relationship to God
Why did Pope Leo III want to leave Rome? he was being threatened by his enemy
What happened when Charlemagne went to support Pope Leo? he was given the title "emperor" for supporting him
What was the list of rules Pope Gregory VII made? He had authority over the church, he had the right to choose bishops, and he could remove emperors from the throne
What city did Henry IV name his own bishop for? Milan, Italy
What agreement was attempted after the death of Pope Gregory and King Henry? Concordat of Worms
Who fought over the crown for England? Normans, Harold Godwin and William, Duke of Normandy
What nickname did William gain after he defeated Harold? William the Conqueror
What two languages became the language of law, culture and government? French and Latin
What were the two limits the king had after signing the Magna Carta? he couldn't collect more taxes without barons approval and he couldn't put anyone in jail if they didn't go to court first
What is Habeas corpus? court order to bring an arrested person to court
What were the two houses of law? House of Lords and House of Commons
Who was the land divided with because of King William's feudal system? Norman Barons
When did Muslims capture the Holy Land in Palestine? 1076
What is a pilgrim? A religious person who travels to a holy place or shrine
What was the Magna Carta? A list of laws
When did the Seljuk Turks conquer Jerusalem? in 1071
Why did the Pope call for a Crusade? to free the Holy Land from the Turks
The Children's Crusade attracted what group of people? poor people of all ages
What is a heresy? a belief that is not allowed in a church
What were Spanish Muslims known as? Moors
What did the Muslim capital have? mosques, book shops, public bath, and a library
What did houses have in Córdoba? mosaic floors, gardens, and fountains
What did students study in Córdoba music, medicine, and philosophy
What was the movement to drive Muslims out of Spain? Reconquista
What did Isabella's and Ferdinand's marriage combine? it United the two largest Spanish kingdoms
Created by: jordyng1