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Ch.15, Sec 1-4

Ron Aspuria Medieval Conflicts and Crusades

Why did Charlemagne want the title of "emperor?" It would further increase the relationship with God
What did Pope Leo III do when Charlemagne came to support him? He made Charlemagne emperor
How did Henry IV challenge Pope Gregory VII? He ignored his rules and tried to remove him as a pope
What did Pope Gregory have control over when he issued a list of rules? The authority over all Church and secular leaders, choose all bishops, and the right to remove an emperor form his position
How did Henry IV get removed from his power? Pope Gregory III excommunicated him
After Henry and Gregory died, what attempted to distribute power between popes and rulers? An agreement treaty called the Concordat of Worms
Who were the descendants of Vikings? Normans
Who did Edward promised the English Crown to first; Harold or William? William
When did William become king of England? On Christmas Day
Who won at the battle of Hastings? William the Conqueror
What did William do England when he was king? He introduced a strong feudal system
Why did King John, a descendant of William the Conqueror, raise taxes? He needed money for an army
How did raising taxes affect the barons? The barons were angry and forced King John to sign the Magna Carta
What did the Magna Carta declare? It stated that the king had to recognize the rights of barons, promise not to collect heavy taxes until a counsel of barons agreed, and promised to recognize the right to trial by jury in court
Why weren't Christian pilgrims allowed to visit Jerusalem in 1071? Seljuk Turks conquered Jerusalem and harassed Christian pilgrims
What did the Inquisition do? It investigated and judged heretics
Why did Pope Urban II respond to the Byzantine' emperor's call for help? He saw it as an opportunity to make his claim of authority of all Christendom real
What was a heretic? A person who believes in a religion that is banned by their local churches
How many Crusades were executed? Four Crusades not counting the Children's Crusade
What did the Muslim capital of the Córdoba have in it? Mosque, bookshops, public baths, and a great library
To the Moorish rulers, what encouraged tolerance over Jews and Christians? The Qur'an
Why did the pope launch the "Reconquista?" He wanted the Northern Christan kingdoms to rule over all Christendom.
What did Ferdinand and Isabella do after they united Spain's largest kingdoms? They conquered Granda on 1492 and ended the Reconquista
Created by: Ron Vincent