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Medieval 1 2 3 4

Adrian Diaz, Period 4, Social Studies

What is a secular leader? A Non-church leader.
What is a Coronation ? A fomal event, such as a Crowning ceremony.
Why did Charlemagne want the title emperor? He wanted the title emperor because it was said it would give the ruler a special connection with God.
Who was the main supporter of Pope Leo the III? It was Charlemagne.
How did Charlemagne further support Pope Leo III? He traveled all the way to Rome to visit him.
What were Pope Gregory VII's ideas about his power? He could choose any bishop an could remove the emperor from the throne
What event strengthened the churches power in western Europe? Charlemagne's Coronation.
Why did the battle of the Hastings start? It started because Both William, duke of Normandy and Harold Godwin were promised the England crown.
Who were the Normans descendants of? Vikings who lived in Normandy.
What does "The law of the land" Refer to in the Magna Carta? It refers to the English common law.
Who forced King john to sign the Magna Carta? The Barons.
What do the two houses of the English Parliament represent? House of the lords represented nobles and and the House of the commons represented Town leaders and knights.
Why did king John raise taxes? John wanted to reclaim his french lands, But that would require an army, which he needed money for.
What are two important limits that the king had on his power? No more taxes without a council agreement, and to recognize the right to trial by jury.
What was the inquisition? The inquisition was a church court designed to investigate and judge heretics
What are heretics? One who believes in another religion or idea away from the normal, "A barbarian."
What is a fervor? A bias or a certain judging or opinion toward one.
What are two countries in Europe that expelled Jews? England and France.
What are two ideas that the Pope urban linked together ? Holy war, and Pilgrimage
What would happen if heretics did not change their beliefs ? They would face punishment or persecution.
What did the Pope do when the Byzantine emperor asked him for help? The pope launched a crusade, or a religious war.
What is the Muslim capital? It is Córdoba
List three subjects that students came to Córdoba to study. Music, medicine, Philosophy.
Who was Isabella and Ferdinand? Isabella was the queen of Castile Leon, Ferdinand was the king of Aragon Together they formed a basis for the Spanish state.
Who were later ordered to leave Spain and Portugal? All the Jews and Muslims.
Why did they bring in the Dominican monk Torquemada? They brought him in to head the Spanish Inquisition.
What happened in 1236? Cordoba fell.
What happened in 1139? Portugal became a separate state.
Why did King John have to sign the Magna Carta? He needed protection and followers which the Manga Carta agreed to give him if he had kept what he had promised.