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Uncle Julio's Menu

Complimentary Items

Item Description
Flour Tortillas Flour tortillas are served 4 to an order wrapped in a napkin, placed in a tortilla basket. NEVER place more than 1 "wrap" of tortilla in a basket. Each 4 tortilla serving of tortillas is served its own basket **Guest request only butter; butter pats
Flour Tortillas (part 2) Customization Rule (Fresh flour tortillas made by our unique tortilla machine) *First basket of tortillas is served with Mesquite grilled entrees automatically. Only take one basket per table unless there are more than four people at the table, then take two
Flour Tortillas (part 3) Refill the tortilla basket on request. Ask the guest if they would like more tortillas
Chips & Salsa Customization Rule Fresh chips and hand roasted salsa made daily *First basket of chips is served automatically' *Refill the chip basket on request
Chips & Salsa (part 2) Customization Rule cont. *Remove when the Entree Phase starts. Ask the guest if they would like to remove the chip basket. If they keep the basket, then refill after asking the guest
Chips & Salsa (part 3) Customization Rule Bar *Serve chips on request only *Refill the chip basket on request. Ask the guest if they would like more chips
Super Hot Salsa *Guest Request Only Uncle Julio's signature salsa blended with roasted habanero peppers (complimentary chips)
Corn Tortillas *Guest request only Corn tortillas are served like flour tortillas but in their own basket A flat bread made from corn meal masa
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