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Chapters 15-22 SS

Stack #192377

Who improved the steam engine design which helped replace water powered with steam powered engines. James Watt
James Hargreaves invented the.... Spinning Jenny
Richard Arkwright invented the.... Water Frame
Eli Whitney invented the.... Cotton Gin
The cotton gin did what? Rapid Separation of Seeds
George Stephenson invented the first ________ locomotive. Railroad
Robert Fulton used James Watts improved steam engine to create this. First river steamboat
Queen Elizabeth the I was the ruler of this country. England
Phillip II was the ruler of ___. Spain
Charles V ruled the.. Holy Roman Empire
Louis XIV ruled this country. France
Copernicus concluded that the ____ revolves around the _____. Earth Sun
This scientist created the first telescope to examine the universe. Galileo
This scientist helped create the scientific method. Deskartes
Locke made the _______ __ ___ ________. Consent of the governed.
Newton invented or helped invent a few things which were.... Laws of motion, Calculus, Gravity
John Kay invented the flying shuttle which allowed one person to operate a ____. loom
Created by: blesinfl2