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STEP 1 2009-2 11-20

英検1級 8

prism a transparent glass or plastic object that usually has three sides and that separates the light that passes through it into different colors
quandary a situation in which you are confused about what to do The unexpected results of the test have created a quandary for researchers.
swarm a very large number of insects moving together
reiterate to repeat something you have already said in order to emphasize it Allow me to reiterate: if I am elected, I will not raise taxes.
inculcate to cause (something) to be learned by (someone) by repeating it again and again The teacher inculcated in her students the importance of good study habits.
vacillate to repeatedly change your opinions or desires vacillated for so long that someone else stepped in and made the decision
cogitate to think carefully and seriously about something I was cogitating about my chances of failing.
gallant a young man of fashion she had a whole host of gallants vying for her hand in marriage
imminent happening very soon These patients are facing imminent death.
flagrant very bad : too bad to be ignored conspicuously offensive <flagrant errors>
celibate a person who lives in the state of not being married
burnish to make (something, such as metal or leather) smooth and shiny by rubbing it burnished the floor of the ballroom to a soft luster
famish to cause to suffer severely from hunger
garnish to put something on (food) as a decoration; also : to be added as a decoration to (food) a chef who never served any dish without first garnishing it
tarnish to become or cause (metal) to become dull and not shiny : to damage or ruin the good quality of (something, such as a person's reputation, image, etc.) The scandal tarnished his reputation.
facet a part or element of something Each facet of the problem requires careful attention.
craze to become insane soldiers who had been crazed by months of combat and chaos in the countryside
farce to improve as if by stuffing
crunch to make the loud sound of something being crushed We could hear the truck's tires crunching along the gravel road.
cognize to know, to understand
humiliate to make (someone) feel very ashamed or foolish He accused her of trying to humiliate him in public.
cessation a stopping of some action : a pause or stop the cessation of the snowstorm was a relief
percolate to pass slowly through something that has many small holes in it Rumors percolated throughout the town.
refute to prove that (something) is not true He refutes the notion that he's planning to retire soon.
placate to cause (someone) to feel less angry about something The administration placated protesters by agreeing to consider their demands.
extort to get (something, such as money) from a person by the use of force or threats The criminals extorted large sums of money from their victims.
impasse a situation in which no progress seems possible She had reached an impasse in her career.
apex the top or highest point of something she reached the apex of fame, only to find it wasn't what she expected
onus a: burden b : a disagreeable necessity he perpetually tries to shift the onus for any mistakes onto other team members
echelon a level in an organization : a level of authority or responsibility We heard stories of corruption in the upper echelons of the firm.
snub to ignore (someone) in a deliberate and insulting way : to not accept or attend (something) as a way to show disapproval He snubbed their job offer.
waylay to stop (someone who is going somewhere) Gangs sometimes waylay travelers on that road.
edify to teach (someone) in a way that improves the mind or character These books will both entertain and edify readers.
peruse to look at or read (something) in an informal or relaxed way
flourish to grow well : to be healthy Regional markets have flourished in recent years.
nourish to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy, etc. a friendship nourished by trust
languish to continue for a long time without activity or progress in an unpleasant or unwanted situation older people, especially, were languishing during the prolonged heat wave
brandish to wave or swing (something, such as a weapon) in a threatening or excited manner She brandished a stick at the dog.
jetty a long structure that is built out into water and used as a place to get on, get off, or tie up a boat
Created by: na235