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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Rennaisance and Reformation

What was the Renaissance and what was its time period? The years 1300 to 1600 saw a rebirth of learning and culture in Europe called the Renaissance. This rebirth spared north from Italy.
What were the three reasons that caused the Renaissance? First, cities were places where people exchanged ideas. Second, these cities included a class of merchants and bankers who were becoming wealthy and powerful. Third, Italian artists and scholars were inspired by the ruined buildings and other reminders of
Who was the example of artists? The artist Leonardo da Vinci was an example of this ideal. He was a painter, a scientist, and an inventor.
Who was Michaelanglo? Michaelanglo showed great skill as an artist the, a sculptor, and a painter.
Who was Niccolo Machiaveli? Niccolo Machiavelli took a new approach to understanding government. He focused on telling rulers how to expand their power. He believed rulers should do what was polotically effective, even if it was not morally right.
Why was humanism so important in the Renaissance? The new interest in the classical past led to an important value in Renaissance culture, humanism. This was a deep interest in what people have already achieved as well as what they could achieve in the future.
What were the two major endings of the Renaissance? By 1450, the bubonic plague had ended in northern Europe. Also, the Hundred Years' War between France and England was ending.
Where did major artists appeared in? Major artists appeared in parts of Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
What did northern writers write about? Writers of the northern Renaissance combined humanism with a deep Christain faith.
Who was William Shakespeare and what did his plays show? William Shakespeare is often called the greatest playwright of all time. His plays showed a brilliant command of the English language.
Why was Johann Gutenberg so important? In 1440, a German, Johann Gutenberg, used this same practice to invent his printing press. He produced his first book, the Gutenberg Bible, in 1455 on this press.
What did printing make it easier? Printing made it easier to make many copies of a book. As a result, written works became available far and wide.
What languages was the book printed in? Books were printed in English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German.
Who were the two christain humanists? Christain humanists such as Erasmus and Thokas More added their voices to calls for change.
Who was Martin Luther and what did he protest? In 1517, a German monk named Martin Luther protested the actions of a Chruch official.
What was the Reformation? Reformation was a movement for reform that led to the founding of new Christain churches.
When did the Lutheran Church begin? The Lutheran Church started around 1522.
What does Protestant mean? Nobles signed an agreement to remain loyal to the pope and the empires supporters of Luther's ideas protested this agreement. They were called the Protestants. Eventually, the term Protestant meant Christians what belonged to non-Catholic churches.
What was the Peace of Augsburg? War broke out between Catholic and Protestant forces in Germany. It finally ended in 1555 with the Peace of Augsburg.mthis treaty granted each prince the right to decide whether his subjects would be Catholic or Protestant.
What was the annual mean? Henry VIII tried tot get the pope to annual, or put an end to, the marriage so he could remarry.
What was Calvinism and who made it? The religion based on Calvin's teachings is called Calvinism.
Who were the Anabaptists? Another new Protestant group was the Anabaptists. They preached that people should be baptized into the faith as adults. Anabaptists also taught that the church and state should be separate. In addition, they refused to fight in wars.
Who were the Jesuits? Members of this group, called the Jesuits, started schools across Europe.
What were the role of women in the legacy of the Reformation? Women thought that their status in society might improve as a result of the Reformation. However, this did not happen. Women were still mainly limited to the concerns of home and family.
Who were the two women who played important roles in the Reformation? Many women played key roles in the Refomation. They included Marguerite of Navarre. She protected John Calvin from being killed for his beliefs. Katherine von Bora was the wife of Martin Luther. She supported an equal role for women in marriage.
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