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トフル あかい 8

advent the first appearance
appealing calling upon another for a decision: asking for something badly needed or wanted
agile able to move quickly and easily
collide to come together with solid impact <the football players collided>
encourage a : to cause to feel courage, spirit, or hope <encouraged by her kind words> b : to try to persuade <encouraged him to go back to school>
frail easily led into evil <frail humanity>
myth a person or thing that exists only in the imagination
contemporary happening or beginning now or in recent times
alter to change partly but usually not completely
enrich to make rich or richer
intolerable too bad, harsh, or severe to be accepted
propose to suggest (something, such as a plan or theory) to a person or group of people to consider
restore to give back (someone or something that was lost or taken) : to return (someone or something)
staple 1 : a chief product of business or farming of a place 2 a : something in widespread and constant use or demand b : the chief part of something <potatoes are the staple of their diet>
analyze to study or find out the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis
ascertain to learn or find out (something, such as information or the truth)
arbitrary not planned or chosen for a particular reason : not based on reason or evidence
designate chosen for a particular job but not officially doing that job yet
determine to fix conclusively or authoritatively
elicit to get (a response, information, etc.) from someone
instigate to cause (something) to happen or begin
mundane dull and ordinary
relinquish to give up (something) : to give (something, such as power, control, or possession) to another person or group
tempt to cause (someone) to do or want to do something even though it may be wrong, bad, or unwise
petition a formal written request made to an official person or organization
Created by: na235
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