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European Renaissance

European Renaissances and Reformations

Renaissance means what? Rebirth
A wealthy ________class developed in each Italian City-State. Merchant(s)
What was the powerful banking family that controlled Florence? Medici(s)
________led to an intellectual movement that focused potential and achievements. Humanism
______leaders became patrons of the art. Church
Renaissance_______introduced the idea that all people were educated to create art. Writer(s)
_____were better educated in the Renaissance than the medieval ages. Woman
Leonardo da Vinci was a true________. Renaissance Men/Man
Raphael Sanzio advances________. Realism
Sofonisba was the first female_______. Artist
Because of a War in Northern Italy, many writers fled to Northern _______. Europe
The Northern Renaissance began in ______. Flanders
What was the written language? Vernacular
There was a revival of Greek and Roman ________. Knowledge
Who helped with the reformation of the Church? Martin Luther
Martin Luther was _______ by the pope. Excommunicated
_______was a book about peace and harmony. Utopia
Erasmus used hi knowledge to create a new _______edition of the Bible. Greek
________is one of the best known writer's and has written 37 plays still preformed today Shakespeare
Martin Luther wrote the _________. 95 thesis
Created by: 19hlong