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Chapter 17

What was the Renaissance? A revival of art and learning and the rebirth of Greek and Roman knowledge between 1300 and 1600 A.D.
What was the philosophy of the Renaissance called? Humanism
What is perspective? Drawing a three-dimensional object on a flat surface that rose up during the Renaissance.
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy? Italy had thriving cities, a wealthy merchant class, and the classical heritage of Greece and Rome.
What was a Renaissance man or woman like? They would be well rounded and a master in many different professions.
Who is one of the greatest Renaissance men? Leonardo da Vinci
Who made the sculpture of David? Michelangelo
What did Machiavelli write? The Prince
Why was the time right for the Renaissance to begin? The bubonic plague and Hundred Years' War ended, allowing people to focus on everyday life.
What did northern European artists focus on in their paintings? They focused on everyday life and religious subject matters
What did northern writers write about? Reform of society, the church, education, and the revival of Greek and Roman knowledge.
Why was the printing press such an important development during this time period? It made making books faster and allowed knowledge to spread faster.
How was the Northern Renaissance different than the Renaissance in Italy? The focus was on both secular issues and reform of education and religion.
What was the social cause of the Reformation? The Renaissance values of humanism and secularism led people to question the Church
What was the political cause of the Reformation? Powerful monarchs challenged the Church as the supreme power in Europe. Many leaders viewed the pope as a foreign ruler and challenged his authority
What was the economic cause of the Reformation? European princes and kings were jealous of the Church's wealth. Merchants and others resented having to pay taxes to the Church
What was the religious cause of the Reformation? Some Church leaders had become worldly and corrupt. Many people found Church practices such as the sale of indulgences unacceptable.
What branch of Christianity resulted from Luther's reformation? Lutheranism
What led Luther to try and reform the Church? The selling of indulgences, the marrying of priests, and the act of simony.
What was one of Luther's teachings that went against the Church's rules? All people with faith were equal and they did not need priests to interpret the Bible for them.
What branch of Christianity resulted from Calvin's teachings? Calvinism
What was a major part of Calvin's teachings? The idea of predestination (God knows who will go to heaven since the beginning of time)
What did Calvin think was the ideal government? A theocracy
What is a Presbyterian? a member of a Protestant church governed by presbyters (elders) and founded on the teachings of John Knox.
What was an Anabaptist? in the Reformation, a member of a Protestant group that believed in baptizing only those persons who were old enough to decide to be Christian and believed in the separation of church and state.
Created by: 19jquigley