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AP Gov Chapter 14/15

Chapters 14 and 15 Vocab Terms

Mass Media The entire array of organizations through which information is collected and disseminated to the general public
News Media Media providing the public with new information about subjects of public interest
Yellow Journalism A form of newspaper publishing in vogue in the late nineteenth century that featured pictures, comics, color, and sensationalized, oversimplified news coverage
Muckraking A form of journalism, in vogue in the early twentieth century, concerned with reforming government and business conduct.
Print Media The traditional form of mass media, comprising newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and journals
Broadcast Media Televisions, radio, cable, and satellite services
Paid Media Political advertisements purchased for a candidate's campaign
Network An association of broadcast stations that share programming through a financial arrangement
Affiliates Local television stations that carry the programming of a national network
Wire Service An electorate delivery of news gathered by the news services correspondents and sent to all member news media organizations
Narrowcasting Targeting media programming at specific population within society
Blog Web-based journal entries that provide an editorial and news outlet for citizens
Content Regulating Government attempts to regulate the substance of the mass media
Equal Time Rule The rule that requires broadcast stations to sell air time equally to all candidates in a political campaign if they choose to sell it to any
Fairness Doctrine Rule in effect from 1949 to 1985 requiring broadcasters to cover events adequately and to present contrasting views in important public issues
Free Media Coverage of a candidate's campaign by the news media
New Media New technologies, such as the Internet, that blur the line between paid and free media sources
Positive Ad Advertising on behalf of a candidate that stresses the candidate’s qualifications, family, and issue positions, without reference to the opponent.
Negative Ad Advertising on behalf of a candidate that attacks the opponent's platform or character
Contrast Ad Ad that compares the records and proposals of the candidates, with a bias toward the sponsor.
Spot Ad Television advertising on behalf of a candidate that is broadcast in sixty-, thirty-, or ten second duration
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