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AP Gov Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Vocab Terms

Political Party an organized effort by office holders, candidates, activities, and voters to pursue their common interests by gaining and exercising power through the electoral process
Governmental Party The office holders who organize themselves and pursue policy objectives under a party label
Organizational Party The workers and activists who make up the party’s formal organization structure
Party in the Electorate The voters who consider themselves allied or associated with the party
Machine A party organization that recruits voter loyalty with tangible incentives and is characterized by a high degree of control over member activity
Direct Primary The selection of party candidates through the ballots of qualified voters rather than at a party nominating conventions
Civil Service Laws These acts removed the staffing of the bureaucracy from the political parties and created a professional bureaucracy filled through competition
Issue-Oriented Politics Politics that focus on specific issues rather than on party, candidate, or other loyalties
Ticket- Split To vote for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election
Candidate- Centered Politics Politics that focuses directly on the candidates, their particular issues, and character, rather than on party affiliation
Party Realignment A shifting of party coalition groupings in the electorate that remains in place for several elections
Critical Election An election that signals a party realignment through voter polarization around new issues
Secular Realignment The gradual rearrangement of party coalitions, based more on demographic shifts than on shocks to the political system
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