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Body Review Sheet

Test on 5/12/2015

Define homoeostasis The maintenance of a stable internal environment
Define tissue A group of similar cells working together
Epithelial tissue (four characteristics) 1) Covers 2) Protects 3) Underlying tissue 4) Sticks together to form a sheet
Muscular tissue Made of cells that can contract and relax.
Connective tissue Joins, supports, protects, insulates, nourishes, and cushions
Nervous organs Sends electrical signals through the body and is found in the brain, nerves, and sense organs.
Define organ Two or more tissues working together
Define organ system Organs working together
What is the job of the ribs? To protect your heart and lungs
What is the job of the cranium? To protect the brain
What is the job of the vertebrae? Protecting your spinal cord
How do the skeletal muscles produce movement? By pulling on bones
Define osteoblasts Cells that build bones
Three characteristics of compact bone: 1) No visible open spaces 2) Provides the most strength/support 3) Contains blood/bone cells and blood vessels
Three characteristics of spongy bone: 1) Many open spaces 2) Makes bones lighter 3) Found at the ends of long bones
Define marrow Soft tissue in bones
What is a difference between red and yellow marrow? Red marrow makes RBC's and yellow marrow stores fat
Define cartilage Soft tissue that is then replaced by bones
Define joint: The places where two or more bones join together
Define ligament A strong elastic band of tissue that keeps two bones together and has poor blood flow.
Define muscle An organ that can relax, contract and provide force to move body parts.
What is the difference between the three types of muscles? They are found in different places and the cardiac muscle is self excititory.
What makes up the integumentary system? Skin, nails, and hair
What are 4 purposes of the skin? 1) Keep moisture 2) Keep other particles out 3) Contain nerve endings 4) Help regulate body temperature
How do blood vessels regulate body temperature? Dilating = More thermal energy Constricting = Less thermal energy
What are two roles of sweat glands? Cools skin and gets rid of wastes
Define melanin A darkening chemical in the skin that determines skin color. (The more the darker the skin) It is in the upper layer of the skin and absorbs more harmful radiation.
Define epidermis Outermost and filled with a protein called keratin which makes skin tough
Define dermis Found beneath the epidermis and contains fibers called collegen
Define collogen Provides strength and felixiblility for the skin
Define hair follicle Contains cells that produce hair
What is the job of the nails? Protect the nail-bed of the fingers and toes
Define bruises Blood vessels under the skin under the skin are broken and pigment causes the bruise color
Define cuts Cells form new skin under a scab
What is a skin graft? A piece of skin from one part of the or from a donor (dead person) and is placed in a damaged area.
Created by: 16esmith



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